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please post queens in furs, penthouse models, princesses


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hi im foxcoyote,


please post queens wearing big furs, penthouse models from the 1980's and princesses wearing furs i know that grace kelley wore great furs from the 1980's.

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I know there were some lovely shots a while ago of Princess caroline wearing gorgeous minks.

So I couldnt find them on google image so I tried getty images.




Great shots if you tap in "princess fur" (14 pages) including Princess Michael in a stunning variety....she has to be a fur fetishist...the huge sable is awesome!!! Dont forget to invite her and her husband Miss T !!!


Then theres my mate Zara in shearling, and Princess Anne and Princess Margaret and lots of Danish royals...and loads of Grace Kelly. Even Diana.


14 pages.


Then you tap in Royal fur and get loads more including a great one of Prince Charles drooling over Melanie Knauss chinchilla.


But I couldnt find Princess Caroline so tapped in Caroline fur. Well....no princess but some awesome carolines including Sceufele in chinchila and Berte in a lovely full black fur. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

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