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Fur Ski Mask???


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I know this is a strange request but does anyone know where I might be able to get my hands on a totally covered fur ski mask. Or if they even exist? Please don't ask what it is for...

bye fur now


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We all know what it's for


I have one. Just ask a furrier to have it made, and provide the proper measurements.


Mine is in 100% angora, but I see no trouble with making a fur one.


Maybe Kostas at mailonfurs could create one for you?


If not, I highly recommend Oliver Furs for custom made creations.

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I would never ski with a fur face mask. It would be messed up by the end of the first run. The cold makes your nose run too much, even if you wear a mask. Then the snow spray, freezing in the fur, would make it all icky!


The definitve product for face protection while skiing, AFAIC, is something called "The Masque". It's made of neoprene. (The same stretchy material wet suits are made from.) It's got breathing holes and a notch for your nose. It fits tight around your face. It's stretchy, like rubber. When it gets all yucky from when your nose runs, it's easy to clean.


Most people I know who ski wouldn't hit the slopes without one!


Now, since we all know that such a fur mask would be used for play and not for skiing, might I suggest that you get yourself a "Masque" and use it as a pattern to make your desired plaything?

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Yeah that is quite cool.

I used to have a black leather mask with a zip at the mouth and it had "Rapist" across the top. Girls used to like it.

It got confiscated by the filth when I was on my way to a Siouxsie and the Banshees gig. So you have to be careful with this stuff as the Police don't like it.

Its a shame becuse I always got lots of snogs in it.

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