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YouTube Again


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That is porn star Ava Devine. The clip is from a movie she did a while back. She does go down on one guy with the fur on. A Yahoo video search for Ava Devine will yield a couple of other 20 secind clips from this movie, including her on her knees servicing a guy.



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Sorry. I was supposed to let you know when the link to that video was posted in the Fur Den Library but I got side tracked.




It's almost at the bottom of the page. "Fur B*tch."


Just so you know... YOU can put links in the library too! You don't have to depend on me to do it for you! It's fairly easy.


If you want to know how to do it just ask!

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Yes indeed folks you do not have to let Worker do all of the posts there. You can post directly there yourself. Just go to the Library. You can press "Edit" to see how he posted the last message. Then, just copy him if you wish. It is very simple.

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The title has cuss words in it that would be censored by the anti-cuss bot that monitors this forum. But if you click on the link to the video page of the library that I posted above you will be taken to the page where you can find the title.


It's near the bottom of the page, in the second grouping, under the "Two Furs" heading.


The title rhymes with "snow job" and "fur witch".


Oybj Wbo Sebz n She Ovgpu

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