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If you live in the USA read this


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I want to tell you a true story that you all should know.


Someone I know just about had their life destroyed over supposed porn pictures that were of under aged teen girls on his computer.


This person pissed off the wrong people on a unrelated issue and told them to "go to a warm place" This person felt they had done nothing wrong and took an aggressive stance. This guy is young and cocky and still believed he was "bullet proof", as only the young can.


Then one day while he was out, the police came and crashed down his front door and took his computer. Made the papers and all his neighbors ran at the site of this "pervert". His wife had to go to work everyday to face co-worker that believed she was married to a sex offender. Many felt that she had allowed it and was just as guilty.


There two children were put into foster care. The children were examined and interviewed time and time again on the possibility of sex abuse. Both sides of their family could not believe that this did not have some validity to it. So, they lost their family support system, too! The father has not been allowed to see his children, which he was very close to until the case is final. The impact on the children can never be reversed.


His case was delayed and delayed. The proof of what he had done took six months to even be presented to him. The prosecution delayed and delayed until finally the judge intervened and forced the prosecutors to show what they had. Then all of a sudden he was told the feds were now involved!


Every time he went to court there were picketers saying that sex offenders should get death!


They still had not allowed his defense to see his computer.


Finally the defense told him the hard cold truth. He could spend the rest of his life in prison. And, the prosecution was now offering him a plea bargain that would allow him to only serve 8 months. The fact he would forever be labeled a sex offender was not mentioned.


In tears he refused to admit something he did not do. Living in a very fundamentalist area he knew full well he could be convicted without any evidence.


Well a few days later his lawyers did gain access to his computer. The legal procedure in handling someones computer is to copy the hard drive to another computer. The original computer is not even to be turned on until court. It had been turned on many times and they had logged in several times under his ids. There were many irregularities in how "these illegal picture files" were on his hard drive. These pictures were in the temp folder, while in all other cases the pictures had been carefully catalogued into regular picture folders. They also were over a year old and were all sequential serial names. Since he did regular file maintenance, these temp files would have been cleared many times over.


In other words the data had been planted. The pictures were of "minors" that appeared to be in their teens. But, an ordinary cop had decided these were minors. Not an expert.


This person found out that he was the very first person to not plea out in his County. There will now be lawsuits and lawyers will make a bundle! You wonder how many lives have been destroyed this way?


How many neighbors or co-workers will ever see the small caption that said his case was dropped. Will they think anything was done wrong when they read the case could be re-opened later?


You think you live in a free country? Don't believe it. When fundamentalists are in charge of a country you are not free. Whether that is Iran or the USA!


I promise you this story is true and not exaggerated. Please take care.



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This is a really sad tru story.

Even if I do not live in the US this topic motivated my interested.

I've seen cases like this in the TV and series (I clearly remember an X-files movie were someone who knew Maulders father was framed this way).

There are many issues, especially with your countries law system that should change.

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That is terrible and part of what I've been trying to warn people about with all my law and pending law info I've tried to share here. It is not fantasy. Regular people everywhere should be concerned finally, if they read enough of these stories that is. We are far from free here. In fact, in little old Dayton, Oh they are building a new FBI office south of town, in a more "posh" area called Centerville. My sister lives just down the road from the new building (oddly enough I used to rent the same house she lives in and did work as a pro dom out of it!). I'm glad I stuck to my idea to stop working in a field that would put me in the direct line of fire of such investigations. I am really sorry for this poor man... but I know his story isn't unique save for the details... it will go on happening. The law is there to support these raids and seizures of property. And yes, the prosecutors can prevaricate and drag things out as long as possible to make the life of the person being investigated a long nightmare. Very sad state of the country....

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This country was founded by Puritans and those ties run very deep and still prevade our society. In the 17th century, people burned at the stake. In the 21st century people are labeled as perverts if they have 'questionable' files on their computer - or if they appear 'different' to their local holyier-than-thou neighbor or don't go to the same church as most of the other folks in the neighborhood. There really are 3 separate parts of the country... Boston - Washington DC... San Francisco to San Deigo... and every other part (and that's where all this 'stuff' seems to come from).



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it's strange these things still happen. Reminds me of stories from like 40 or 50 years ago, or even middle-ages. Luckely it turns out this way.. But their social lives can be ruined for ever.

I you speak these people, wish them luck!

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It amazes me how a small group can override the majority. And, not just in this country.


I don't want to turn this thread into an America bashing thread. This is my home and my family's home. It was never my intent.


But, I also felt that our members needed to know the seriousness of belonging to certain sites and downloading under age photos. Or even ones that might be looked upon as underaged.


It can cost you your career, your family and your freedom.



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You know the crazy thing is that it is a thought crime even he were guilty, which it sounds like he isn't.


You are right though it shouldn't destroy your faith in your nation. Just in the fact that you are not an infallible nation. Hopefully justice will prevail and the filth involved will get their comeuppance.


I am proud of being Welsh, and British. BUT I hate our government, police, bureaucracy, infringements of liberty, and corruption.


Reisitance is not futile and jusy because you object to these things does not mean you are agaisnt your country. On the contrary....your country is strong while people like you criticise it. You are the true patriots because you WANT your nation to be perfect.

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I'll say as gently as I can: I don't know why a moderator of all people would post an off topic post in this forum. Shouldn't this be in the off-topic section?


The only reason I mention it is because this forum is a place where people can join in a discussion of that which they have in common: their love of fur. Why bring divisive issues into the mix? Haven't we learned?

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The reason I decided to post it on the main den was for two reasons.


First of all, it is not off topic.


Many of our fur friends are avid collectors of pictures. They need to understand this is serious business when it involves underaged girls that is even slightly rated x.


Number two reason is some of our members still don't get it. Last week a regular member posted two links that had sex acts and crotch shots. We hope that we caught them before the site sponsor did. This alone could have gotten us kicked off the Internet.


Part of being a member of this site is understanding that your actions can have results that you could never have imagined.


So, hope that better explains why this post is here and will stay here.



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I have received a pm from foxfan and he has raised some valid concerns and issues with this thread.


For those of you that are not American, you probably cannot understand how bad a time this is for our Country. It is also an election time.


My post on this issue I did not mean to be political nor is this post any other MOD or admins position.


Because it was placed on the main den foxfan felt it placed this as a political position that represented the site.


I can see his point and I am transferring this post to The PUB.


I also want to stress the concern in this thread. And, it is my post. NOT the post of anyone else.


Foxfan, I hope this has addressed your concerns and thank you for taking the time to pm me. I truly appreciate it. My response to you was insensitive and for that I hope you accept my apology.





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Bugger... wouldn't you know it, but downloading Firefox 2 screwed Leet Key... *Bloody big sigh*


Ah well, at least Spell check works... although could do with an auto fix bit like in word LOL

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