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More Heartfelt Thanks!


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A HUMONGOUS thank you goes out to another sponsor of our website - auzmink! Not only is auzmink going to be recognized as a sponsor, he will be identified and honored as a Charter Sponsor! As most of you know, The Fur Den Wiki now prominently features a list of our sponsors, and auzmink is honored there as the newest member of The Barguzin Society!


AKcoyote has already posted an announcement about Den sponsorship in the "TheFurDen.com" forum, but I know that not everyone goes over to that forum on a regular basis. So, I'm repeating it here. Want to join the list of Charter Sponsors? There's a bonus if you do before December 1, 2006! More information on sponsorship can be found here http://thefurden.com/fdwiki/?n=FD.Sponsorship.


Thanks again, auzmink, for your generosity, and for your dedication and commitment to The Fur Den!

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I certainly want to add my thanks to that as well!


Each and every member here is a part of this place and always will be. However, we owe so much to our sponsors here and I want to join in, in thanking Auzmink as well.


We could do so much with a better server here. And, it is only through the generosity of folks like Auz and others who have given us donations that we will get that.


Thank you so much for your help!

White Fox

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Have to admit I was a little slow off the boil when the announcement of sponsorship was first made but I encourage everyone to chip in a little bit to make a great place a wondrous place - and the link is at the top of the page along the top bar (have to say that as I spent 2 days trawling through old posts to find the link, then had the stupidity to realise it was right in front of my eyes!)

Every bit helps . go on, it doesn't hurt......



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I would also like to extend my gratitude to you, auzmink.


Possibilities of non profit dreams and interests are born because of people like you.


I am sure I speak for everyone on the entire site when I say a thousand thank-you's!!!


If I were a girl I'd kiss you 8)

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With FrBrGr out of action temporarily, it falls to me to mention that we have two recent additions to the list of Sponsors of this website: polbeton and wallee. Many thanks to these two and all of our Sponsors. Their generosity will allow this website to continue to exist and grow.


I should also mention that FrBrGr is listed on the Donors page as a Charter Sponsor due a generous donation he made. FrBrGr remains dedicated to the goal of this website being a haven for all fur lovers.



To all the procrastinators:

There are only 7 days left to get in on our Charter Sponsor offer. Details are on the Sponsorship page.

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