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Mr Barguzin

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Some folks might be aware that sometimes links they post seem to vanish into the ether without a reason given.


Well, the reason is quite simple really: They blatantly breach our CoC and Also the Providers T&C with regard to content. Ergo, no post appears where it should have been, or at least where the poster expected it to be.


Now, there is a way around this which when you sit down and think about it is quite simple, albeit a bit time consuming. Post a link to the pics you KNOW are allowed, and ask a Mod or Admin what, if any, of the others could be allowed by including in the pm the link to the main page of the images.


Or, you could advise folks that there are other images there that are outside those allowed here but you have the address if they care to pm you.


Please remember that the CoC is there so that this place will continue to exist, not because we (the Mods) are a puritanical mob of hypocrits.


If you are unsure, read the CoC and then think. If still unsure, ASK. We won't bite ya heads off (well, can't be too sure about FrBrGr and what he'll do *grin* But I know what he WILL do if this site is closed because of some folks repeatedly breaking the rules)


Cookie's and Dragon's site is much more lenient in some regards *grin* especially when it comes to what is allowed to be linked. They have the advantage in having their own servers and are not reliant on the maintainence of a good relationship of a third party.


If you wish to see this place attain that freedom, then become a sponsor of this site so that those and other forms of expansion can be acheived.


*stepping down from soapbox.... and returning to furry bed *grin**

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You'll notice we've changed the title of this area to include videos as well.

The above words of wisdom posted by the sadly missed Mr B. hold true for links to video too.


Lets try to keep all photo and video related posts in here. And if you would like to start a discussion about one of the great photos in our gallery, this is the place.

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How do you post links to pictures and make the photos smaller..


I know you put ..............img -img location - /img


but how does one make it smaller... how does the 5 section work??


any help





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Currently the tag is not doing what we want it to do, so for now us [image][/image].

I didn't really make your picture smaller, I just used the smallest version you see of it. The one from the preview page.


For a clickable thumbnail you use [?url= the address of the large picture you want to link to][?image] the address of the small picture you want to click on[?/image][?/url]


Leave out the red ? I added them so the code will show up.


I hope this helps you out Brandy. I'll be back on later tonight if you have more questions.

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You can copy/paste the text above then edit it in your message box so that you replace "mysite.com", etc. with the proper link to your picture.


Some day I hope to create a way for this to be done automatically but, please bear with me. I don't have a lot of time to spend researching the question.

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