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"Star Power" (As in Movie Stars and Public Figures


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Mr. Barguzin posted this in the main fur part, where it does make sense for the post it was put into. I have a response which doesn't belong there.


First, the post.


I was looking for somewhere to post this link and thought the obvious place would be the Pub, but the I remembered this topic and is a weird way the two do sorta go together. Read it and the light may dawn:




I am not going to argue the pros and cons, but it does make for interesting and thoughtful contemplation. IS also a rather interesting juxtaposition.


Please allow me to make my feelings known about the so-called stars out there, traversing the world:


With just a handful of exceptions, I hate them.


These are people who demand we treat them like they're 'one of us' but who lead a lifestyle that is nothing like the lifestyles of 'one of us' for the most part.


They want to be free from criticism while they criticize everyone else.


They want to appear non-political (sometimes) while making substantial donations to the people they want in office or run for office themselves.


They wear fur on Thursday, and join the PETA Friday.


They claim they're not sell-outs while they come out with ten different knock offs of the popular perfume on the market and shill their talents to Japan for commercial gain.


Okay...I could add more, but that's not what this is about.


Steve Irwin dove into the public life, while living the Superstar Life. For his eccentrities (who brings a television crew in to film their wife giving birth?) and oddities (never did understand why he insisted on kissing meat eating sharp toothed lizards) he seemed like a guy you could go to the bar with and have a cold one.


By default now, his daughter is going to be famous. His wife, though famous in her own right (especially here in Minnesota), is going to get a bit of it, but Bindi is in the limelight and everything she does is going to be measured against her father, like it or not, sorry kid you drew the short end of the straw.


I hope for her sake that she can take it, and isn't going to be one of the "Eddie Munsters" or "Brady Bunch" or "Partridge Family" burnouts.


There are plenty of examples of both, just compare George W's bratlings to Bill Clinton's daughter and you'll see that, but here's rooting for you kid.


Okay, I'm done ranting. Better go drink some coffee before I really start to flap the old gums.

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