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clips furs and gloves


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I had forgotten about FBLG's video area. They have some nice stuff, huh? Thanks for reminding us that it's there! FYI, it is located in "Links" in the "Fur Pictorial" section. The link is "FBLG, Inc. Photography and Videos."

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I would be happy to put those into the video area of our Fur Wiki if somebody would help me classify them.


I need some kind of title.

I need some kind of description. (Unless the title says it all.)

Plus I need to know how much fur is in the video.


Fur level 1 = "A Little Fur." (Brief shots of fur or just one person wearing fur for part of the video.)


Fur level 2 = "A Lot of Fur." (More than one person wearing fur for part of the video or one person wearing fur for the whole thing.)


Fur level 3 - "Fur All Over the Place!" ('Nuff Said! )


If you go to >>THIS PAGE<< you'll see how the formatting works and why I want the information above.


I don't mean to be a grouch but, with my slow dial-up internet connection, I can't review all those videos in a reasonable amount of time.


Just send me a quick P.M. with the information or post it here. I'll have the videos on the list shortly thereafter.

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