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We're Back

Guest thefurslut

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Greetings to all. I hope everybody had a good Summer (or Winter for you Mr.B).

The weather has finally gotten cold enough that I have had to put my airplane project into hibernation for the Winter (you can't lay-up fiberglass in cold temps). but it does mean that we are going to Albuquerque Wednesday for our 20th anniversery, and to pick up Alex's furs.

Hopefully we can find a new addition. I would like to find her a mink, but when I mention it, she says she would perfer another fox.

Now I know never to argue with a woman, but I really want to get her a mink.

Any suggestions?



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Maybe you should by a mink for YOU! If you are serious about a mink for her, PM me. I have some ideas for you.


And, welcome back! You have been missed.


Question for you. About a year ago, a wonderful member spent HOURS scanning in two fur care books. I can't remember who it was. Was it you?


If it wasn't you, does someone know who it was? I apologize for not remembering.


I am getting ready to put it in wiki and I wanted to give this person their due credit for all the work.



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Hi Linda,

Yes that was me that scanned the books.


What did you have in mind for minks?

I'll look on your site and see what you have.

I did notice that you posted some pictures last week.

I said it before, & I'll say it again; you have the only model you need. You are beautiful modeling those coats.


Thanks for the welcome back,



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I agree with ravens. Also the huge fox sleeves are back in fashion. Those coats with mink body and fox sleeves were always the best anyway as far as making an entrance.

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I used to have one like that... black mink coat... HUGE black fox sleeves and even a black fox tuxedo collar that went down the entire front of the coat... Hot... very hot!



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