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I am curious. Maybe a few new members could help


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I started to ask this on another thread where two relatively new members were being welcomed. Decided it was too far off-topic and really deserved its own thread.


For the new members: Could you tell us how long you were a guest before you joined. And, what made you finally decide to join and post?


So, would love to hear from you! And, a great big welcome to you all!



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Though I'm no longer new here...well, in the scheme of things...I came to this site because a friend of mine suggested it.


Before I signed up, I was at the site three times a day reading what everyone else wrote, and being a general sneak.


Glad I'm here now though, if just for the pictures. Just joking.


Nudge nudge lurkers. JOIN US.

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I regularly haunt a couple-three web sites.


Over the course of a month I visit several other sites out of curiosity. Out of that group, I usually find about a half dozen other sites that I return to, occasionally, to follow the course of the discussions.


I might join one or two of them, every so often. Over the course of the year I might rotate through memberships on, maybe, six sites. Out of those, I maintain standing memberships on just two. (The Fur Den and one for motion picture projectionists and technicians.)


I have been involved, regularly, in three other sites that deal with Macintosh computers. I was a mod for one of them, until it shut down.


But, why do I choose just two sites to be a regular member of over all the others?


First, it has to do with the things I like: Fur, Bears, computers and movies. Plus the sites have to have a good signal-to-noise ratio. (i.e.: Not a lot of spam, trolls and/or off-topic crap.)


Second, other people have to be interested in the same things as me. Not just the main topic of interest, but other things. There's a couple people here who like fine beers. There are some who like photography, computers and movies like I do. There is even a person who has a substantial Teddy Bear collection!


But, most of all, I think it has a LOT to do with the attitudes of the other people on the site. They need to be people who (seem to) understand the things I talk about. Yes, I know the nature of my posts can be "chaotic" at times. Its a symptom of my A.D.D. It's important for people to be able to accept that. It's imporatnt for other members to be accepting of others, in general.


I try, pretty hard, to keep myself from straying out into left field all the time when I talk. (post) But it's very hard, sometimes. Imagine yourself watching TV but somebody else has the clicker and they change the channel all the time. That's what daily life is like for me, at times. It really makes me feel welcome when others don't get upset when I go off on a tear. (Or at least not excessively upset.)


It's good that people, here, don't get freaked out when I talk about Teddy Bears and anthropomorphize them. (It's all in fun.)


And, finally, it's nice to have a personal welcome from others when you join up and make your first posts!

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I discovered the original Fur Den back at Delphi Forums almost eight or nine months before I posted for the first time. I was admittedly nervous about "coming out" to a group of people about a slice of 'me' that had remained under wraps for my entire life. It was the summer of '99, and I'm happy I never turned back and continued to communicate with these wonderful people. I was a full-time lurker at many websites when they were just getting off the ground (and I didn't quite trust the internet). Now, I find myself a moderator of a handful of those message boards as well. How times change...





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I had originally intended this thread to be for new members. But, it as with many threads, it has gone into a different angle that is wonderful!


So, I will add for those of you who are new, how I became an active member. The story is actually in previous threads I will add as links at the bottom.


I can tell you that the results of me getting involved here has been life changing. It has broadened my understanding of the tremendous impact that fur has in our lives. It has also allowed me to make unbelievable friendships. And, when you see me say to a member that I love them, believe it! I am old enough to be a Mother to many of you. So, I guess to me the Fur Den is my new found family of choice!


I have become especially close to my fellow moderators. You have no idea the thought and care we put into taking action on posts. That interaction has created a wonderful bond and closeness that can only develop over time when you have a common goal. I wish you could know the moderators and administrators as I do. We are truly blessed to have this caliber of individual and their precious time, dedication and patience.


There is also something that new members should know about me. I have a different opinion about "fur fetish." For me this is a natural love of fur. So, "fetish" with all of its negative labels just doesn't work for me. To me, fur is only one of Gods wonderful gifts to us! It has tremendous power and influence, just as a sunset, a walk through the woods or the magic of an crackling campfire has. Each creates feelings and emotions in me that are instinctual and I can only sightly understand. But, in all cases I truly feel are blessings to me.


If someone is interested starting a thread on this subject has always been enlightening.


So, here are some links that discuss my joining this wonderful site and finding my new fur family. It may take awhile for me to find all the links, so give me a little time. With over 2000 posts I have to do some sorting!




Last Friday I celebrated my one year of finding this wonderful group on the Fur Den.


I thought a few of you might like to see the first thread I was on:





In this second thread that I posted to, White Fox made a wish. Have you heard the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for. You may get it!!"






Lastly, for those of you who missed this Cyber Card I posted for the group a few months ago, I wanted to re-post it:






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Well, looks like so far I'm the most recent joiner to respond. Thanks for the topic, Linda. I really don't have well documented records of when my first hit at the Fur Den was. Before there was a Fur Den, I remember a brief exchange via email with FrBrGr through the site he then maintained. Generally, though, I avoided interaction with other fur lovers while relishing many of the photos they shared.


I believe my watershed when I decided to join was facing replacing the first fur I had loved into deep tatters. It was a rabbit coat I'd bought when it was already virtually a craft cutter. I'd reached my goal of turning it inside out, stitching a pillow cover out of the liner and filling it with the shreds of pelts. I didn't want to go about acquiring something to take the worn out coat's place in the same old shameful, sneaky way I had in the past, and I needed to share my fears where they'd be understood and where others had faced similar fears.

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