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Lana thread

Guest touchofsable

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I don't get it. I press the Lana thread and just get a blank page with a tiny ringy bell in it.


Anyway here are some great ones form a while ago:




scroll down till you get the fur ones.


Would we be allowed to post those in the gallery? They are copyrighted to Lana but her site isn't up these days. Mr.Mockle could ask her I guess.

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Very nice too Tos


As Lana's site no longer exists & if you're not intending to make a profit from her works I would hazard a guess that you're allowed to repost images from her now defunct operations? better still though you could always ask her if she'd mind being featured in the galleries

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For now, we cannot assume anything re copyright. If it has the symbol it cannot be there. However, we will check to see if the reverse is possible. TOS, I believe that the link you mentioned was removed due to copyright if I am following you correctly. Time is short here and I do not have a lot of time to investigate.


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