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alicia keys in golden isle fox


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Yeah, she looks very upset in the pics. All 30+ of them. I am surprised she let the pics get posted.


And I never meant to write this.



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Hey Furmaster! Thanks for posting those pics. Why exactly does she regret wearing it? Is it because she's now anti-fur or she just doesn't like it?

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Perhaps because she is showing too much body and evidently, as opposed to many collegues, has not gotten her boobs done yet...

Pretty though, I would love to meet her like that =)

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Not seeing it. The fur is nice, the photos are sort of blah.


I just don't much care to see a star posing, I suppose. Too 'plastic' for my tastes, even without the boob jobs face jobs, body jobs, and all the rest.


As for regretting wearing it...


Yeah right, Alicia. Some "stars" are as mercurial as water these days.

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