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FLAC to mp3 converter for mac, anyone?


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ciao amici,


I'm a relative newbie when it comes to media formats and downloading of files. A friend of mine posted some live concert bootlegs on her ftp server and they are in FLAC format. I know there are conversion programs out there to turn those files into MP3s...however, when I paid $10 for one of those programs that "supposedly" converted all audio formats to MP3, it only functioned properly for WMA files. Feeling ripped off, I did nothing until I had the time this evening to reopen the search. If you know of a reputable way to convert FLAC files to MP3 format, for free if you can, would you please send me a pm? I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks,



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There are several options for playing FLAC files.


1) Cog. A free, open source audio multi-format audio player for OS X (10.4+)


>> Available from Sourceforge.net <<


>> Link to Download Page <<


2) MPlayer. An open source multi-media player for many platforms.


>> Information Page <<


>> Download Page <<


3) There are codecs for Quicktime from www.xiph.org , although I have yet to test them on FLAC files, myself.


>> Check them out here <<


>> Download them Here <<


4) And finally, there is the cross-platform Video LAN (VLC) from www.videolan.org -- My favorite!


>> Download Here <<


If at least one of those links doesn't get you to a site that will help you play your files, NOTHING will!

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