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Though this is completely off topic for this particular thread something about looking at Linda's avatar and reading what she wrote to Ryanshy gives me an oddly deep "must go turn off the lights and grab a fur" feeling.


Not to be rude Linda but you've managed to turn me on without meaning too, saying something completely innocent.


I apologize for mentioning it if it offends as it was not meant to do so.


The bed (and the delights to be found there) beckon.



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Oh, please, please, please!!!, Linda, show some mercy.


"Must be the chill in the air! Makes us all start to think of furs again!"


I just imagined meeting such a beautiful lady as you are in the real world, wearing a big fur and saying what you just said...


"I just don't know what to do with myself" is all I could reply.


As I'm at it: I enjoy reading your posts a lot and in my humble opinion the fur den wouldn't be at all what is it right now if it was without you.



All the best for you, be well!



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