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fur with nicole kidman


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Has anyone seen the trailer for FUR? Looks to be a VERY INTERESTING FILM. I'm sorry but I have no direct link. If you're interested you can get the trailer from imdb.com. search Fur or Dianne Arbus,or Nicole Kidman.

softest regards furomance

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Been reading the info about this movie, but still confused as to why the movie is called "Fur"


Does anyone know the reason for this? Does fur feature hugely in the movie. As I understand it Diane Arbus was known more for her unusual photos of people with disabilities. Perhaps she started off her career as a fur model photographer.


Any comments anyone?

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I think I read somewhere that she and her parents lived above a furrier at some stage in their life but don't rememebr reading whether this or fur in general had a specific imapct on her life. Indeed I doubted whether this film would feature much or any fur and I still haven't seen the trailers but the pictures above at least show a smattering of fur.


Recently, The Black Dhalia and The Devil Wears Prada also had a few fur scenes so if Fur proves to be a dud there are other viewing options at your cinema (where they are showing).



Mr Mockle

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Diane's father was a prominent furrier, and the August Vanity Fair spread on the movie features the actors playing her parents in some gorgeous fox furs, if I remember right. Fur's international premiere will be here in Rome at our very first film festival later this month. I don't plan to miss it, and I encourage you to read more about Diane Arbus, her life and work. The movie is an "imagnary portrait" of the great photographer, taking place years before the events that unfolded at the end of her life.


Thanks for posting the links to the trailer!





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After I recdeived my issue of Vanity Fair, I went out and bought a copy of the biography that the film is based on. It seems that the only real connection to fur for the film or the character is her parents were prominent furriers, as stated above. Diane was of course a photographer. If the film featurs the furs shown in the magazine layout, it is definitely one I will be seeing though.

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