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Skiing in NM


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Went to New Mexico last week. Wife took Golden Island and black mink. I didn't see any other furs However, EVERYWHERE we went, wife got oohs and ahhs and mucho compliments, raves, questions Was way flattering, the GI made a HUGE impact, its so flashy. Forget about critiques of "makes you look like a linebacker..." or other negatives, get the foxes out and on the slopes/streets. We got super attention/service everywhere we went, fur is great!


People just need to loose their anxieties and get those coats/jackets and strollers out and get fur back in business!



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It is bascially the same way here in SW Colorado, but Alex doesn't mind (and neither do I).

She has wore hers almost everyday this Winter, and I for 1 am very grateful.



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