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where do all those e-bay furs go????


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Its the cooler climes in the Northern Hemi (sorry Mr B and the 'downunders') and e-bay is blooming with furs for sale at all prices. A lot are being sold. Towhom?? Is it the combinded might of this forum rapidly robbing banks and handing dollars over fist to amass the biggest collection, or is it that these furs are being taken up by the general public to be worn around rather than left in a cupboard?

Wouldn't we all like to know the demographics of 'who' is buying these furs up. Young females? Older females? More males? Fur fetishists?


Just one to ponder.....



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Don't know if she's actually compiled demographics but Linda has talked of her experiences as a seller and who she sells to.


Linda .. oculd you and the other fur sellers comment on this. I've wondered the very same thing?


Linda came here by way of the hits from this site.





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I cannot even know who is buying our furs.

I mean, I know their names, their address, their phones but I cannot tell their age. Guessing I would have to say that most of our furs are sold to ladies from 35 to 45 years old. Most of our furs have a little "eccentric" touch, and this is why this age group prefers them. But we also must have clients younger or older.

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I wish I could answer the question.


If you look at the lower price ranges I have found it to be a first time buyers and younger buyers. That is the easy part.


I know in my store I sold most to women who were over 40.


On eBay I really can't know. I actually sell about 30% to Europe. I cannot really know gender either, since many use the husband's name for the household.


So, I am sorry. I like you, really am not sure.



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What with you, our owner and a few other devoted fur fanatics in PA, I'm surprised that there are furs left for the rest of us!!!!



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