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Current Furs Collection


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This is definitely one of my favourite topics...the list of my collection. I have not updated in a while so I thought since winter is getting closer, I would

Here it is, the current list:


1.Black Dyed Sheared Muskrat Jacket

2.Coyote Parka

3.Coyote Cross Cut Collar F/L Coat

4.Coyote 3/4 Coat

5.Tanuki Raccoon F/L Coat

6. Natural Beaver Parka

7.Autumn Harvest Ranched Wild Mink Jacket

8.Golden Island Fox F/L Coat

9. Natural Chestnut Beaver F/L Coat

10.Coyote Sections Blanket

11.Cross Fox F/L Coat

12.Natural Muskrat Parka

13.Reindeer Skin

14.Natural Opossum 7/8 Coat

15.Canadian Lynx Detachable Hood Jacket

16.Indigo Fox F/L Coat

17.Black Fox F/L Coat

18.Canadian Lynx F/L Coat

19.Cherry Red Fox F/L Coat

20.Red Fox Blanket

21.Golden Island Fox 7/8 Coat

22.Red Fox Stroller

23.Sterling Fox F/L Coat

24.Golden Island Fox Cross Cut Tuxedo Front. F/L Coat

25.Ivory Sheared Knitted Beaver Jacket

26. Raccoon 7/8 Coat

27.Tanuki Raccoon 7/8 Coat

28.Coyote and Arctic Fox Comforter

29.Silver Fox Shawl Collar F/L Coat

30.Red Fox Stole

31.Cross Fox 7/8 Coat

32.Badger Stroller

33.Golden Island Fox Stroller

34.BlackGlama Mink Hooded 7/8 Swing Coat

35.Red and Gray Fox Comforter

36.Gold Cross Fox F/L Coat

37.Whisky Mink Stroller

38.Mahogany Mink Detachable Hood Jacket

39.Red Fox Hooded 7/8 Duffle Coat

40.Red Fox Cape Collar F/L Coat

41.Mahogany Mink Knitted Shawl

42.Golden Island Fox Detachable Hood 7/8 Coat

43.Whisky Mink with Fox Tuxedo Front. F/L Coat

44.Coyote with Arctic Fox F/L Coat

45.Blonde Natural Beaver with Lynx 7/8 Coat

46.Gold Red Fox F/L Coat

47.Platinum Fox F/L Coat

48.Pink Canadian Lynx 7/8 Coat

49.Finnish Raccoon Stroller

50.Finnish Raccoon F/L Coat

51.Dyed Blue Sheared Lapin Rabbit Parka

52.Canadian Lynx Stroller

53.Raccoon F/L Coat

54.White Mink Stroller

55. Crystal Fox F/L Coat

56.Indigo Fox Jacket

57.Finnish Raccoon Hooded F/L Coat

58.Stone Marten Stroller

59.Ivory Sheared Beaver Hooded Stroller

60.Canadian Lynx Hooded 7/8 Coat

61.Canadian Fisher F/L Coat

62.Tanuki with Spiral Sleeves F/L Coat

63.Canadian Fisher Swing Coat

64.Natural Blonde Beaver F/L Coat

65. Crystal Fox Jacket

66. Cross Fox F/L Coat

67.Silver Fox Cross Cut Collar F/L Coat

68.Coyote Vest

69.Ebony Natural Beaver Stroller

70.Coyote Cross Cut Collar F/L Coat

71.Blue Fox F/L Coat

72.Golden Island Fox F/L Coat

73.Tanuki Raccoon 7/8 Swing Coat

74.Blue Fox Jacket

75.Indigo Fox Grosvenor Jacket

76.Red Fox 7/8 Coat

77.Canadian Lynx 7/8 Coat

78.Plum Dyed Finnish Raccoon F/L Coat

79.Red Fox Straight Sleeve F/L Coat

80.Russian Lynx F/L Coat

81.Red Fox Tuxedo Collar F/L Coat

82.Pink Dyed Fox Sections Swing Coat

83.Russian Sable Paw Poncho

84.Cat Lynx Stroller

85.Coyote Oval Sections Jacket

86.Natural Raccoon Parka

87.Silver Fox 7/8 Hooded Coat

88.Natural Fisher Raccoon Stroller

89.Red Fox 7/8 Hooded Coat

90.Bleached Sapphire Mink Tails F/L Coat

91.Red Fox Jacket

92.Silver Blue Frost Fox 7/8 Coat

93.Red Fox 7/8 Coat

94.Canadian Lynx Jacket

95.Canadian Lynx 7/8 Coat

96.Blue Fox Sections Poncho

97.Mahogany Beaver Hooded F/L Coat

98.Blonde Beaver with Finn Raccoon 7/8 Coat

99.Black Sheared Mink Paws Cape Jacket

100.Muskrat Knitted Poncho

101.Rabbit, Red Fox and Raccoon Knitted Hooded Poncho

102.White Mink with Sable F/L Coat

103.Platinum Cross Fox F/L Coat

104.Knitted Beige Lapin Rabbit Shawl

105.Knitted Black Lapin Rabbit Shawl

106.Dyed Labrador Fox F/L Coat

107.Pink Dyed Blonde Beaver 3/4 Coat


This is the list of "major" furs, and does not include accessories. They are in order of aquisition.

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Lynxette,your collection of Full length and 7/8ths coats plus the "Baby" Strollers sound sexy and to hear how you coordinate your clothes to your furs is just knockout!!!!! we need to chat sometime

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I put a copy of Lynxette's post in the Library. It is beginning page 4 of the "Fur Collections" area. Feel free to add there if you wish. That way, it will always be where people can find it easily.


Just press "Edit" and take a look how Lynxette posted. be sure to leave a line between paragraphs, and entries. And a line at bottom.


Be sure to have a look at the old posts there as that is really an interesting topic.


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Wow...what can I say other than thank you guys.

I have been fortunate in being able to pursue my passion, which I have been so happy to discover is shared by many wonderful people through my association with this site.

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I would like to let know a little bit about my collection!


1. Full Length Dark Mink Coat

2. Dark Mink Jacket with sable trim

3. Dark Mink Vest

4. 3/4 Length Golden Island Fox Coat

5. Golden Island Fox Jacket

6. Golden Island Fox Vest + Cape

7. Full Length Golden Sable Coat

8. Golden Sable Jacket

9. Golden Sable Vest + Cape

10. Natural Russian Sable Coat

11. Natural Russian Sable Jacket

12. Natural Russian Sable Vest + Cape

13. Barguzuin Full Length Sable Coat

14. Barguzuim Sable Jacket

15. Barguzuin Sable Vest

16. Canadian Sable Full length Coat

17. Canadian Sable Jacket

18. Canadian Sable Vest

19. Dark Sable Coat with Chincilla Trim

20. Full Length Red Sable Coat with my name in Swarovski Cristalls inside

21. Silver Fox Coat in full length

22. Black Glammar 7/8 length coat


To all of those coats, i own a matching muff, headband, gloves and leather boots trimmed with the fur!


Have a nice day! Youre FurloverMc

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It appears you like Sable


I just got my first Sable (vintage). Though not of the caliber of any you have I can't wait to get more.





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Great sable collection MC. I just picked up my second, a golden sable jacket, but I obviously have quite some ways to go to match your numbers in sable.

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lol oooops guess I should put them down eh..........


1) F/L black tip silver fox

2) F/L Dark Indigo fox

3) F/L Crystal fox

4) F/L Blue fox

5) 7/8 Blue fox

6) 3/4 Blue fox (skin on skin) NEWLY AQUIRED

7) 7/8 Blue fox (skin on skin) NEWLY AQUIRED

8) F/L Shadow/blue fox

9) 3/4 Indigo fox

10) 1/2 length Blue fox stroller skin on skin new

11) Stroller length Shadow fox skin on skin new

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Golden Island stroller (very large a perfect fit for me 42 regular)

Blue fox stroller

Crystal fox stroller

Blue fox cape

Blue fox two tier fling (8 feet long)

Autumn haze mink stroller

Blackglama jacket

Cerulean mink stole

Black mink straight stole (7 feet by 14 inches)

Autumn haze mink stole

Tourmaline mink stole

Three tier autumn haze mink wrap/cape

Lynx vest w/shadow fox trim

White fox wrap/stole


Of these, I most frequently wear the golden island, blue fox stroller, blue fox cape, though at one time or another I've worn each of them.


For wearing out in public, wife's choices are in this order: Blackglama jacket, crystal fox, lynx vest, golden island (though it is really too big for her). The blue fox stroller we got last spring after the season and we haven't had enough cold weather for her to wear it out, but it will get good use. It's not unusual for her to put 4 or 5 pieces in the car when we go to a neighboring large city with upscale shopping during which she makes frequent wardrobe changes so all can get worn in public.


In past year we've donated to charity a gray mink with a cool offset collar and a demi buff jacket that had some ripped seams. Am currently close to max on closet space, though I'm shopping for a mink stroller for me, will just have to deal with it.

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My list is shorter than some but I'm a happy guy!!!


-Full length hooded red fox coat

-Full lenth silver tipped raccoon coat

-Full length coyote coat

-3/4 length mahogany mink coat

-blue fox boa



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The current state of play is...............


1 full length lynx dyed fox coat

1 full length silver fox coat

1 full length blue fox coat

1 full length crystal fox coat

1 full length coyote coat

1 shadow fox jacket

1 hooded alpaca jacket

1 blue fox w/white fox tux jacket

4 blue fox jackets

2 red fox jackets

1 lynx dyed fox jacket

1 silver fox jacket

1 coyote jacket

1 wolf jacket

1 rabbit jacket

1 blue fox gilet

1 silver fox tails gilet

1 white fox tails gilet

1 blue fox boa

1 indigo fox tails fling/wrap

6 tibetan lamb bonnet-style hats

5 fox bonnet-style hats

1 pair arctic fox mitts

1 pair blue fox mitts

1 pair blue fox leg-warmers/mukluks


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A lot of my furs are custom made from my own pelts. Some of the furs were trapped and or put to sleep in Quebec, Canada and the rest in the Adirondacks’ mts. in N. NY. I also got involved in fur farming at one point.


Blue fox bed comforter with a timber wolf center.

Canadian lynx coat ¾ L with a split fur hood and a marble fox ruff.

Red coyote coat ¾ L with a split raccoon fur ruff on the hood.

Beaver/raccoon vest

6 sheepskin pelts/rugs

Well over a 100 single pelts: minks, coyotes, rabbits, beavers, badgers, timber wolfs, a variety of foxes, bob cat, wolverine, etc. all of which are only used for play time.



Coyote fur coat Full L

Leather coat lined in sheered beaver fur.

Sheered beaver coat ¾ L.

2 rabbit fur coats, one is used just for play time

Opossum fur vest

2 sheepskin vests

Car seats covered in sheepskin

Leather jacket lined in Opossum

2 buckskin fur rugs 6’ Long

2 quad sheepskin rugs that I like to use as mattress pads

Several alpaca rugs, bed throws

5 B3 sheepskin jackets, 2 are used for my physical release, relief.

Black bear fur gloves

Well over 3 dozen nylon parkas: several with real fur ruffs


and more to come I want a Kodak bearskin rug next and a mountain lion fur rug.

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