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Ha, stupidly funny anti-PETA video ;-)


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All animal rights activists are hypocrits period. End of story. To cite all the examples of their hypocracy would take pages, but suffice it to say that anyone who wears clothing of ANY kind kills animals one way or another. End of story.

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Hey foxkid you're a student right?

Is the tide moving against young people with PETA at all or are they still working their indoctrination ?


A lot of young people I meet now seem to think PETA are killjoys full stop....but I don't know about universities as PETA and others pump a massive amount into freshers's fayres and Uni clubs etc.


It kind of reminds me of 20 years ago when all the students were anti women wearing make up; being exploited sexually for porn, being seen as sex objects etc. Now they even have pole dancing competitions in student bars and have beauty competitions ...so I guess there was a backlash.

Is that backlash against PETA happening?

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