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Associates needed for Fur portal


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For you that do not know, I own the Portal http://www.E-Furs.com.

This portal was made NOT to sell furs (at least I don't intead to do so in the near future) but as a labor of love for the fur world. Also, as a web freak I always wanted to own my personal portal and what was better as a subject than furs??


Now the season began for us furriers and I'd like some help to keep the site up to date. I need 1-2 associates to help me with a few articles, suggest new weblinks and update our forthcoming fur events section (calendar). Also, some additions on our Fur Glossary would be nice.


Anyone interested can reply here or PM me.

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I woud love to be a part of what you are doing. But, I cannot make more commitments at this time.


I am working on some resources for the Wiki here that could work into your site as well.


When I have them online here I will give you a heads up!



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Dear Linda,

It would be great to have some of the stuff you are preparing for the library in my E-furs portal !!

Let me know when you have anything ready you'd like to share.


Hindus,I'd love it if you could post me some news about fur events in Poland. I tried to write to your forum but It does not support english and I cannot understand a thing. If you could place a link on it for E-furs it would great too!




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Similar request ... Does anyone want to take administrative ownership @ www.lanafurs.com? If noone will take it, I will have to close this site. Administrators will have access to content management system to create posts, news, add images (currently there are 900+ images), embedded movies and other stuff plus multilingual support. Let me know.


Dear Mailonfurs,

may be you would like to take over this site and combine them into one big portal? send me your ideas.

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Dear Lana,

I also got your email regarding this issue. I do not know how we could work this out but it could be a good idea. Lets continue this conversation in our emails?


This post will still be open for anyone that would like to help with E-furs.com or that would like to take administrative ownership in Lana's fur portal.

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