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very disturbing... in many ways

Guest MissTheresa

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I just received the weekly free speech newsletter and had to share the first little tid-bit of news with everyone here, as it is too odd, astounding and frightening to describe:



PITTSBURGH, PA -- A federal grand jury has handed down a six-count obscenity indictment against Karen Fletcher, 54, of Donora, Pennsylvania, based only on fictional, fantasy, text materials, which Fletcher wrote and offered for sale on her Red Rose Stories website. The fantasy themes specified in the indictment featured the kidnapping, molestation, torture and murder of very young children. These are not themes likely to create sympathy in jurors. This indictment, along with the recent obscenity charges against fetish film producer Danilo Simoes Croce, of Sao Paulo, Brazil (see X-Press report,

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Amazing.... truly amazing.


But why should we not be surprised by a (worldwide supposedly judo-christian) society that brought forth such things as political correctness.... and news that isn't news but commentary and expressions of opinions that some want all to hold up to the world as "The Truth".


Wonder when the troglodytes will ever realise that punishing something leads to far greater expressions of extremist .... oh yeah... they won't cause the silent Majority has more important things to worry about.... such as life.


Their REAL lives, not some guiding light that certain folks use to prop up their own pathetic lives.

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It's just scary. I mean, this woman is obviously a bit strange, maybe had issues being abused herself while young and this is why she writes about it? I don't know, but there must be some reason to make someone go to that area of thought....


I do not agree with what she chose to write about at all.


But, now we are getting back to the idea of censoring thought, words, speech - in a most blatant fashion. This I cannot stand to see. I knew it was coming, but things are moving so far to the conservative right so fast... it makes my head spin at times. It makes me fear for everyone who wishes to write out their thoughts, whatever they be, and wait to see if they are next on the "no no list." Are we going to burn books next, again? It's just a sad commentary on where the state of the world stands, the fact that she would write such horrendous tribulations down, and the fact that free speech is about to be truly a thing of fantasy.

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MissT that is exactly why we have had to be very careful on headings and banners on different websites.


When Melody was busted much of it was narrative issues.



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You are right Miss T


Not only scary, but VERY dangerous for any society. This is pure and simple thought control.


Taken to its inevitable conclusion, if allowed to continue, and America, and therefore eventually UK could one day become the same as Pol Pot in Cambodia, or Chairman Mao in China.


Does that sound far fetched? Compare 20 years ago to today, and see how much facism and "control" of the masses has insidiously crept into the thoughts and actions of our Leaders, like a creeping cancer.


twenty years ago some of today's laws and methods of Government, domestic and international would not have seemed possible in the Western world, and yet now they are with us as a fact of life. The present generation, who dont have historical memory just accept it as normal, and just bow under it which therefore paves the way for even more facist (and worse|) dictates


Historical memories are so short. History always repeats itself bacause so called "intelligent" Mankind knows what it shouldn't be doing and yet still does it. Resulting in Oppression, wars, death and suffering for the innocent the world over.


It's hardly intelligence, more complete ignorance.


Like you say, if she's writing about the subjects quoted, then I wouldn't want to read it. But I would always defend her right to write it. If the fantasies become reality, then that is a different matter entirely as laws would have been broken.


More and more, I fear for this world. No, fear is the wrong word. I weep for this world. it's so sad, we could have had it all, and we are just blowing it

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I have been thinking more about this. And, I have to admit I have some very confusing thoughts. I hope this post won't offend anyone. It is honest something I struggle with.


How can those that "cultivate harm," whether political or sexual be held responsible without the rights of others being infringed upon?


I think you know my stand here. I am very much against the fundamental extremist of any kind. But, I am also against the planting of "poison" and "hatred". These seem to me to be opposite positions.


And, in reflection words do count, not just pictures.


When is protection of the society more important than the protection of the individual?


With the Internet being open to all ages, should anything go? How does a society balance this?



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Quite simple.


One makes a basic assumption that folks can make up their own minds about what to and not to read/view.


"But what about the children?" I hear you cry.


Well, they are the responsibility of those who brought them onto this planet, NOT of some Government agency. I know... I know...you can't watch your kids all thetime... but it always amazes me how quickly parents forget what they got up to or heard in the school yard when they were kids.


But in a world where the next car or TV takes precedence over one's childrens growth, one does have to wonder about parents.


in the case of the majority of parents and kids there is little to really worry about as they are functional. It is the dysfunctional that are the worry and that also includes the dysfunctional government agencies that try and dictate their own religious or political or whatever pious beliefs onto the majority.


But, do you know what really doesn't surprise me? That this is happening in the US. and on that note, i shall pause and give further thought as I could get myself banned if current line of thinking was fully expressed.

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I go along with waht has been said.

It is unbelievable that someone can be prosecuted for a story.


Where will this end? We will see films like Taxi Driver and such things censored and directors fined for the representaion of a child prostitute?


I cannot comment on the case without knowing the full details but i knew at about 10 years old I wanted some Cruella de ville to kidnap and abuse me! So I would imagine that the woman writing this had experience of men fantasising that they themselves were "innocents"...and she is just catering for the more extreme expression of that.


That does not mean that any such people would actually ADVOCATE the reality. On the contrary...I think there is an element of "me think thou doth protest too much" when I see the fascists get wound up by such things.


I mean it is just plain absurd.

Does any man on the planet not imagine he is the boy scout tortured by Amanda Donahue in "The Lair of the White Worm" for example? And much fetish sub/dom stuff is jusy maen playing out fantasies of powerful memory from childhood. The giant woman fantasy for example, smacking etc. These are things formed in childhood.


Accprding to Freud, every man fantasises over his pwm mother subconsciously but nobody actually has sex with their own mother do they?



Some women fanyasise about being raped ...it doesn't mean they are actually wanting to be raped.

Or vampire fantasies...nobody goes around ripping peoples throats out do they? I mean Anne Rice is going to be in huge trouble if you take this kind of thing to its logical conclusion.



No. Its a thought crime pure and simple and you are right. It is fascism.

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I certainly share Linda's thoughts. Words have consequences and the subject matter and content should be carefully chosen. I do this in my own stories and not just because of the regulations governing the site I've chosen.


On the other hand "intent" is very difficult to regulate. I watched Sara Silverman's comedy 'movie' last night and it crosses all kinds of pc boundries and I found it totally acceptable though she certainly offends every minority, disadvantaged person and sexual orientation on the planet very much 'In-your-face" Lenny Bruce style.


There was also that English writter who wrote about a sollution for the overpopulation of Ireland with recepies for Irish babies. He's in practically every public library anywhere. Of course a potato blight solved the problem before his 'plan' could be implemented.


I don't know that censorship or legislation will ever succeed. It hasn't worked in the 3 or 4 thousand years it's been attempted.and the Internet just makes it that much harder.



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Does any man on the planet not imagine he is the boy scout tortured by Amanda Donahue in "The Lair of the White Worm" for example?


Raises hand & slinks back into the shadows

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