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Does anybody want to know a really spooky card trick you can do at home?


It's called "The Wizard".


The effect is thus:


1) A card is freely selected from the deck. Use any method you are comfortable with. There is NO NEED for sleight of hand, at this point. If you really want to make the trick seem spooky, just spread the deck out, randomly, on a table then allow your subject to choose a card from the pile.


2) Show the card around the room. Let everybody know what it is. There is no need to pretend that its idently be kept secret. Up to this point, the whole trick is on the up-and-up.


3) Use a cellular phone to call a secret "Wizard Number". If the audience suspects that there is some kind of trickery in the phone, go ahead and borrow another person's phone.


4) Speak briefly to the person on the other end of the line:


You say, "Hello? May I speak to the wizard, please?"



You say, "Yes. I'll hold."



"Hello! Mister (or Miss) Wizard! My friend has chosen a card."


5) Immediately hand the phone to your friend.


6) When your friend answers, the Wizard INSTANTLY names the card then hangs up the phone.


7) Everybody is amazed. Take your bows.


I'm not going to give the answer just yet. I'll let people think about it for a short time, first. I'll post the answer tomorrow or the next day.


I would like to reiterate that there is ABSOLUTELY no sleight of hand. There is no "force" of any kind. The chosen card is NOT prearranged in any way. The choice is 100% free.

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That's part of the mystery.


No, the Wizard is NOT part of the crowd in the room. The trick does not depend on the Wizard having any knowledge of the events that just took place in the room.


But, yes, the Wizard does need to know that he is a Wizard. Usually, Wizards have reciprocal arrangements with other Wizards. I can be a Wizard for you and you can be a Wizard for me.


Obviously, there is some sort of prearrangement going on, here.

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Yes, it is a fair, ungimmicked deck.


The selection of the card is totally fair. You can choose a card by any method you like. You can even stick them to the wall and throw a dart at them if you really want to be dramatic.


There is no way that somebody on the other end of the phone can know the identity of the card.


Or IS there??


Yes, the pauses are the key. I think you've got the answer, ravens8!


For those that want to keep guessing, I'll post the answer in "ROT-13". Those who want to know right now can decode it. That way, we won't spoil it.


Get a ROT-13 decoder for Firefox! >> Click HERE! <<



Hcba urnevat gur dhrfgvba, "Znl V fcrnx gb gur Jvmneq?", gur bgure crefba xabjf gb ortva pbhagvat bss gur anzrf bs pneqf, bar ol bar, hagvy ur ernpurf gur evtug bar. Gur "Cerfragre" vagreehcgf gur "Jvmneq'f" pbhag jura gur evtug pneq vf ernpurq. Jura gur Cerfragre unaqf gur cubar bss gb gur nhqvrapr zrzore, ur fnlf gur anzr bs gur pneq va n zlfgrevbhf ibvpr gura dhvpxyl unatf hc.


Vs jr pbhyq yvfgra gb obgu fvqrf bs gur gryrcubar pnyy vg jbhyq fbhaq yvxr guvf:


(Nffhzr gung gur pubfra pneqf vf gur FRIRA bs URNEGF.)


CERFRAGRE: "Uryyb. Znl V fcrnx gb gur Jvmneq, cyrnfr?"


JVMNEQ: "Pyhof... Fcnqrf... Urnegf..."


C: "Lrf. V'yy ubyq."


J: "Npr... gjb... guerr... sbhe... svir... fvk... frira..."


C: Uryyb! Zvfgre Jvmneq! Zl sevraq, Wbr, unf pubfra n pneq."



SEVRAQ: "Uryyb?"


JVMNEQ: "Lbh pubfr gur FRIRA bs URNEGF."



Boivbhfyl, gurer fubhyq or fbzr erurnefny orgjrra gur cnegvrf vaibyirq. Hfhnyyl, gurer vf n erpvcebpny neenatrzrag orgjrra cnegvrf fb gung bar rvgure bar pna qb gur gevpx ng iveghnyyl nal gvzr.



If you want to be able to do a drop-dead, astounding trick that requires no sleight-of-hand, it PAYS to have a "Wizard Number" on speed dial in your cell phone!

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Presumably the wizard says the suit then the numebr in the pauses and the other person speaks when he has it right. Its only 4 and 13 ...17 to repeat even if it is the last card..and not 52.


So he says diamonds....clubs...hearts


then you say yes I'll hold when he has hearts.


Then he says 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7


and then you say hello may I speak to the wizard please

at 7 becuase the card is the 7 of hearts.


Everybody is assuming that you have only just got on the phone so they believe what they think they have witnessed...and no communication took place after that.


I can't do that code stuff. That is definitely witchcraft and you should be burned at the stake .

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Yes! The Wizard begins a countdown of the cards. Then, when the "Presenter" interrupts him he knows the suit and the value of the card. The rest is just acting.


It's not a really difficult code, ToS. If you want a REALLY difficult code, I should tell you about the "Houdini" code. You know... The one that Houdini and his wife, Bess, used in their "Mentallist Shows" where they debunked fradulent mediums.


"Rosabelle, sweet Rosabelle! I love you more than words can tell!"


When I was a kid, my father and I used to win bar bets, hand over fist, using a super simple code system.


Place three playing cards or any other object on the table. Line them up, all in a row. The "Mentalist" leaves the room. One person touches a card. The Mentalist is called back into the room. After a short time, he can pick out the card that was touched, simply by looking. And he also knows WHO touched the card. (Supposedly by detecting the person's "aura" on the card.)


The answer is simple but devious:


My father TOLD me, via code, what the card was and who touched it.


He would always have a lit cigarette. If the cigarette was in his left hand, the card on the left was the one he touched. If it was in his right hand, it was the right card. If it was in his mouth, it was the center card. If the cigarette was in the ashtray, NO card was touched.


To tell me WHO touched the card, he would take a drag from his cigarette and gently blow smoke in the direction of the person IMMEDIATELY TO THE LEFT of the person who touched the card. If he blew smoke at the actual person, it would soon become appearent what the secret was.


We did that stunt for YEARS and nobody ever figured it out!

(Until his drinking started to get the best of him and turned him into an ogre.)

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