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Polite request..please desist from using my images elsewhere

Guest touchofsable

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Please those couple of you, and or others...do NOT use my images on myspace or anywhere else.


remember I can get you thrown of myspace for using my images. Also anywhere else they are posted can be stopped...which usually means you get into trouble too.


Just to show what wonders you will be missing if you continue to do this (you know who you are) ....have a look in the gallery.


I have THOUSANDS of such photos and will put the odd ones up but you MUST play ball with me or I will post no more.

I have the ladies identities aswell as my own copyright to protect. Please respect it.


If they are NOT your photos you have no right to post them on myspace and can immediately be chucked off. Now obniously I do not want to do that so please respect my request. Thanks.


Remember that would also apply to Miss T or anyone who makes their living through the photography/images but politely shares them here BUT ONLY for use here.



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This is indeed an extremly important point ToS. I couldn't agree more with you.


The images should be taken down, not just in craving of more pics from ToS, but in pure respect of his work behind the images. Not to mention in respect of his request.


I find it shocking how people just grab stuff and throw it around so carelessly.


I suggest the guilty ones take down the mentioned material ASAP.


Before I make lightning strike your asses :/



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Yes, I was even thinking of watermarking and copyrighting my photos as well. Especially the ones with the model, which is not actually a model but an importand friend to me.

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Thanks Earendil


Its such a shame I can't show more of their faces because the girls are friends, models and really into fur.


But I can't until I can trust people here.


So you will have to put up with cropped images...mind...in some respects I think they are more titilating.

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I had a similar problem with pictures of two models that I hired. Many of you know the two I speak of. The real scope of the problem came to light when a very nice gentleman emailed me to say my ebay model's pictures had been altered into porn type pictures.


That is when I decided to not use them any longer. I cannot put innocent, unsuspecting women in this position.


Janey once said she would never post a picture of her daughters. When they grew up they could decide on their own.


So, now I use my dummy, or pictures that are cropped.


Unless the watermark is directly across the picture, it does little good. For instance, the ebay watermarks are on the edges and can easily be cropped out.



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so what should be done? put a black rectangular across the eyes or watermark and spoil the pictures or chop the heads off????

It is a serious problem and everyone here should have the desency to respect the private lives of the girls that want to help or live by posing in front of the lens.

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It's just such as a shame that people can't respect other peoples pics....and hell...we are all guilty of it....me just as much. we are assuming that everything that is posted free elsewhere is free for us to use...which we shouldn't really.


BUT...I think nobody means this in a malicous way.


Sp I am appealing for people just to be careful anbd realise that we could get MUCH more contrivutions if we were all a bit trustworthy with not letting them out of our sight as it were.


I am sure for example that Linda would much rather be using herslef and her friends as models than a dummy. And we definitely would. And probably if they were just posted here not a problem....but its where else they may end up, go round the globe, ecen get interfered with...and then bite you on the ass.


I also feel bad about us using all the photo shack images. reference links is one thing, but I do not think we shhould be posting peoples innocent shots in the gallery for example without their knowledge.


Anyway...for sure it is preventing a lot of posting here in our gallery of partners and girlfriends etc.


So lets see how it goes. If we all make a conscious effort maytbe it will become safer to post. I know for example I would LOVE to see velvet tigress' antics!!!!! But we have to be a tight community and keep everything in house before anyone felt confident enough to post their own personal fur fun shoots.


Like mt girlfriend says she wouldn't mind if it just stayed here she wouldn't mind doing some stuff....and I beleive my models would say the same...but it where else it may end up.


Maybe we can have some kind of warning system on our gallery posts saying (CODE RED) meaning not for repost for example. It has to come down to trust in the end. And if we can't trust each other where are we?


In the meantime, I will please ask everybody to observe that for the moment all mine are in that category....not for use elsewhere. I mean I shoot a lot of celebs in fur at the races....but can't post them in this atmosphere....it could cause problems .


If that is obeserved I will continue to post stuff that will make your eyes water.

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This is the first time I've seen any of your pics.

I understand your point but there is only one way to make sure your pics aren't snagged and used by others.


Don't post them on the internet.

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There are lots of my pic in the gallery..well over 50...nearer a hundred probably.


This is quite a difficult site to find and I regard it as more of a private , secure and frinedly place, where it would be nice to think that among friends we could post our own pics and this is where they stay.


Of course sadly what you say is true and if I have further problems I ...and others here...will be reluctant to post more personal images.


Of course if we get raided...for example by other fetish interest groups...that is undertsandable. But that has not happened. It is our own doing it. So iy was just a polite request is all...and others have pointed out that they feel reluctant to post pics for the same reason.


The net is subject to the same laws of copyright as anywhere else and theft is theft.


Of course a great deal of image use is considered in the public domain...if for example if a site releases some images fir net distribution....it then adverties that midel/site...so they may be happy with it.


As I said I am as bad as everyone else as I sometimes assume if they are not watermarked then people don't mind them going around; so I am not being holier than though but a bit of common sense here will mean us being able to share a lot more.


Please do not repost mine without permission. They are not yours just because I post them in the gallery to share with you.





114 to be precise; including the best archive of real life sables anywhere.

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There was a very serious thread or two about this on the old den, a little over a year ago, I believe. It was first brougt up by boatenthusiast and I kind of blew him off - felt it had no merit. Then conversations with braahp made me reconsider. You might find reading these posts interesting, Touch.


It was also in these posts that we discussed no longer allowing any under aged photos.



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Oh give over -lifes to short-in the great scheme of things who gives a monkeys

Obviously Touch does.



I realize you mean that as a joke, in some small way at least. However it's that kind of flippant attitude that make's a mockery of people like Touch, who put their own hard work into projects that they generously share with the rest of us.

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I wanted to add some opinions to this discussion as it can be a serious issue - although not in the way most people might first think. Your situation is by no means unique though and many fur fans in the past have suffered from private or candid images being posted in one area or sent to a few select friends, only to find them cast all over the internet. Every now and then someone would say to me how they wish they'd never posted or sent something to others but of course by then it's too late. That's why I've taken to use models specifically for the shoots and not sent any candid or personal images around, including any from shoots that I've done but never officially posted or snaps of family and friends.


Regarding the use of others photos: I think it's fine as long as (1) the photographer's (and ideally model's) permission is asked for and given, (2) the photos are clearly identifed to their owner, (3) the photos are not altered for content or to remove any copyright marks, watermarks, source addresses or text, (4) the person using them doesn't pass them off as themselves or their partner and (5) the person posting them is not using them to make money. All of this is common courtesy really but given all of these things, there's no real problem.


But of course, it's rare that any of these simple tasks are performed and photos are taken as fair game online. Is that right? Well probably not but it's not easy to enforce or demand such courtesies either. I'm sure many of my photos appear and have appeared on other fur websites and maybe paysites but I haven't had the time or desire to join and search through every site I find but occasionally I get tip-offs from other fur fans. But my attempts at simple requests for their removal have fallen on deaf ears.


So - does such treatment hurt me? Well I view most of it with disappointment although those wanting to profit from my work does offend me. It can be flattering that others admire your work so much to post them and share them with others but not when they are looking to earn from your expense and effort. What I do despair at are people pretending to be those models for whatever reason; their reasons may be varied but it's decietful to those who then find those photos and make assumptions which are not always corrected and often played upon. As for altering photos, most of you know that I am against this. I know that some of you are very talented with digital art but again some take what they find without at least asking for permission and occasionally look to profit from it.


Consider things from the model's point of view though. You have an enjoyable session with a photographer and are lead to believe that the photos will appear as taken on a free website - only to accidentally find the images altered into sexual scenes. This might naturally offend them (regardless of their acceptance of pornography or the range or history of their modelling) and may make them think twice about working again with that photographer, especially if the model feels they were mislead about what would happen to their image, whether a release form was signed or not. This can severly affect the opportunites for future projects as the models move in small circles and word of mouth is important to establish a reputation; if the models or studios start to question your integrity then your options for using certain models and studios will become limited. So by happily playing around with images you find online and posting them for others to admire, you might actually be limiting your own sources for your material - biting the hand that feeds you.


It's natural that some people who have had their personal photographs copied, taken, falsely promoted or abused may simply stop posting their images online, sending them to others or take them together. For me, I might reach the same state of mind one day but for now, the main pleasure of the shoots is being on set with the models, being with and seeing them admire the furs, move in the furs, talk about the furs and chat away about allsorts of things. A handful of images of a set doesn't mean as much as as the time with the models so I would continue to do the shoots when I can but keep the images just for myself. That might seem selfish to some of you but people should show the producers of such images with some respect otherwise there might be no fur fan sites around in future.



Mr Mockle

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Thankyou Mr Mockle that was exactly my point.


All I was saying is that if people just show that little bit of respect we could have a ball here.


On sunday we are ...five gilts me and aanother huy...having a neach aprty.


The girls said:

"It will be cold"


I said "you lot won't be"


they all laughed and knew exactly what I meant. Sadly, nobody will ever see those pics online because though none of them would mind them posted here....a acher doesn't want her pics going around her classroom because they have been re posted elsewhere.


It just calls for a little restraint, and appreciation and empathy with the photographer and the girls....and indeed members of the public/celebs if it means they are spread all over the net it means women get nervous of every photographer.

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In a slightly different direction on this topic, but this is the reason I have NEVER posted a picture or myself anywhere on the web. There is simply no way that I know of the protect my image once it is out there. People can and do, do whatever they want and that is a shame.

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That is my point. Here this place should be a community which repects that if you post an image it is for here only.


legally Lynxette you cannot repost an image and for example I could get the person using my image on myspace chucked off....but I do not want to do that...as they probably didn't realise...hence the polite request.

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The web is unfortunately indeed a web. As such the very thing that allows one to congregate and share also can open one up to much abuse. Especially if we post images identifiable to particular people or, as linxette said ourselves. I agree that whilst someone may enjoy anothers pictures it clearly crosses the line to alter or steal them. Particularly for profit. I understand editing and cropping for security sake and would never post an identifiable picture of anyone without their permission. I agree with Tosable re keeping private images subjects anonymous. Trust me no matter how polite and careful everyone is someone will take advantage. Eg 90% of DVDS sold in china are ripoffs, cracked stolen copies. Now Superman Returns is first being released there on DVD way early and cheaply to try to stop the practice.

Please TOS don't stop posting pics . Whilst faces are great I clearly accept and understand your right to not show them or be ripped off especially from an insider as it were. softest regards furomance

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