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Just what is "Gallery maintenance?"


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just wondering.

This is a computer science question.

What exactly are you going to do with the gallery within these 90 minutes? what kind of maintanance is this?

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Good question Kostas!


AK, it would be wonderful if you explained many of the things you do here. Not only for the members to know, but for those that might think of having a site.


Just a thought. I know that might be time consuming.



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The approximately monthly maintenance to the Gallery is necessary due to the way we have things setup.


My main goal has been that members do not have to register separately for each of the applications on this website. This has introduced some complexity because not all applications are fully compatible with the way we use phpBB for the main forums. Thus for the Gallery it was necessary to use a second copy of phpBB with it's own database to control access to the Gallery.


What I normally do during the announced Gallery maintenance is resync the user records between the main forum database and the pics board database. This allows members who have registered and activated their accounts within the last month to now have access to the Gallery. Occasionally I will also update the Gallery software if there is a new release available.

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