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Ya know... the last couple of weeks have been interesting in a bizarre way. From the aussie perspective, we have lost a writer, a conservationist and a driver.


The writer? *bashfully* I am not aware of his name, but saw it mentiond in an article about Steve Irwin as the writer died on the same day, along with another 'minor' celebrity (I say 'minor' because Mr Irwin's unfortunate accident garnered all the headlines for the rest of the week).


Well, not entirely for the rest of the week: Peter 'Perfect" Brock/Brockie also died that week... on the friday, doing what he loved best... racing, although this was in a rally, not where he made his name (Mount Panorama/Sanddown).


This week we had the State funerals for both men (notice... not the author or the other person as they were NOT in the public eye) and in both cases the pollies were there to get their face on the telly and garner the shifting vote. Actually, I don't think that the PM made it to Brockie's.


Now, from my perspective, I was saddened to hear of their deaths, especially Steve Irwin's, but I cannot feign tears for either.


Brockie drove (mainly) for GM-Holden whilst I supported Alan Moffat driving a Ford, But it was in the last lap of one particular Bathurst 1000 that brought forth the respect that I have for him: He was winning the race by six laps and on the final lap, he not only set the fastest lap for the day, but it was also the Lap Record. To top it off, as he drove down Conrod Straight, he had his right arm resting on the window sill. A peerless performance, Oh, and he also acknowledge the cheers of the crowd when able during THAT lap.


Steve Irwin is a different kettle of fish. To be honest (again) he 'just rubbed me the wrong way'. I enjoyed his guest appearances on some shows, but an hour show was about fifty minutes too many. ANd yet I cannot disagree with what he intended to do: remind folks that we are not alone on this planet and some animals do indeed need our help and assistance to survive. I think that I am one of the few people who thought that the media overreacted BIG TIME with the baby Bob episode. The Man may have been adventurous, but BUT he weren't stupid folks. (now, had they gone on about the possibility of heat stroke for the kid....)


The Land he purchased, Australia Zoo, the Foundation will all be memorials to the achievements and ideals of , in all likelihood, the Last of the Aussie Ockers.


But do you know the accident which really brought me bolt upright in my chair? The Hamster's.


Richard Hammond. To most folks, that name won't mean a thing... well, with the exception of our Brit Members. But Young Richard is a reporter. He loves cars. He Loves FAST cars. He LOVES EXCEPTIONALLY well built FAST CARS. He lost control whilst driving a jet car and is now in hospital in a stable condition, but having suffered head injuries. He is married and has two young daughters. His brush with death reminds me of just how lucky I have been.... in more ways than one.


The point? Well, the three names I have mentioned have made their mark on the world PUBLICLY, not in private behind the doors or in the hidden corridors of the lobbying rooms or big business. Their glitches and errors in judgement are available for all to see. They have no where to hide, and if they are outside the 'norm', gawd help them and may they have the constitution of a polar bear.... and be carrying plenty of conditioning.


If you seek the limelight or feel obligated to bring attention upon yourself, do not be surprised when the lion turns and attacks, for indeed he will.


Which reminds me... there is a conservation park on the North Island of New Zealand that is harbouring lions and tigers that are being trained for film/tv work. I forgets its name and the name of the main bloke.... but I wonder......

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