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change password?

Guest svengalie1

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how can i change my password on the forum? it remembers it when i login cos i told it to, but if i try and login on my laptop it says password failed so how can i change it please?

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This depends a bit on which style you use. (See FAQ for that.) Style is what sets the way the site works for you.

#1. If you do not know your present password. ...

If you have not changed styles, then you will be on Esbardu. That is the one with a lot of green on the front page. If you log in automatically, you will see a place on the bar on the left saying "Log out". If you do not log in automatically and are already out, then just proceed as follows.


Once you have logged out, you will see a tab about the middle of that green bar that says "Log In". Click on that. Do not enter your password. Underneath you will see "I have forgotten my password" or something like that. Enter your user name, and click on that "Forgotten password tab. That will lead you through some pages to change your password.


If you have changed your style to something other than Esbardu I believe that all of the tabs are up top of the pages.


#2. If you KNOW your present password and want to change it. (Think from your message this is not the case.)

Click on the tab above called "Profile". Right near that top you will see where you change it.


***Remember that you need to get it done before the next update at about the end of the month. Once you change your password you will not be able to see pictures again, until the next update. Since we are near that though now it is a really good time to do it.


***Always remember you password. NEVER rely on the computer to completely remember it. This site is huge now and very complicated, and just a small glitch in your computer's memory can cause it to enter an incorrect password and you are in trouble.


Hope that helps.

White Fox


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