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fur chat?


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Link removed


but I have scarcely ever found anyone there


. . . I did go to the site with the intent to check it out. There were several typing away, including a 14 year old. Then someone ask me a question that caused the session to only be 10 seconds.


lovingfurs, thanks for the link - but, it is best we not link to it.



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I must step in here - ! The URL given by lovingfurs is very misleading. It would suggest that it is somehow connected to The Fur Den. It is not!! There is absolutely no connection between gabbly.com and thefurden.com, and I don't appreciate someone using The Fur Den's name or reputation to further their own venture! Rest assured that I will address this matter on my own.



In the meantime, this website (thefurden.com) will have its own chat room in the future. We would have set it up by now, but we thought that a picture gallery would be much more important to you, and The Fur Den Wiki will be the only one of its kind on the internet. Given the limited success that chat rooms have had in the past, we felt that it was not a priority here. In the meantime, please know that The Fur Den does not endorse or recommend gabbly.com and advises that you proceed there at your own risk.

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In the way of more explanation, according to AKcoyote, our technical administrator, gabbly.com is a "universal chat service" that superimposes its chat window on output from another site (such as thefurden.com). While it does seem to be an easy way to do chat, there is no way to control who can access it or what they can say. There is absolutely nothing we can do about gabbly.com doing this, except to advise you that The Fur Den's official policy statement regarding gabbly.com is that we are in no way connected to gabbly.com, nor do we endorse their site in any way, especially since there are no controls over who can access the chat area or what they can say.


In the future, The Fur Den will have its own chat engine. This will allow for better customization and for much better response times. Only our members will be able to access it, and it will be moderated. The Fur Den has always stood for quality, and our chat area will be no exception.


On a personal note, I want to correct any misunderstanding that I was leveling criticism or venom at poor ol' lovingfurs! Not the case at all! He was just the messenger, and acted out of interest in informing people of this site. Lovingfurs has been a good, contributing member of our community for almost a year now, and we value his presence. My apologies to you, my brother, if it appeared that I was upset with you. I most certainly am not!

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My admin has a link to a free chat package for any site - it looks very nice. Let me know, we can send it to your admin and you'll install it. It will take maximum 2 hours to install and configure it.

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You could give AK a pm on that one. The problem is that the Library was a lot of work so he is only doing maintanence work on the site at the moment as he has some work related issues. I've no idea when he will get back on the go again. Linking the wiki area to this site was a huge problem. This is one of the few times that has ever been done! Then we had the issue of how to construct it.


The other problem is that we are only going to allow a chat that members here will use. No external people will be able to use it, so that involves a lot more work to link it. Add to that the fact that we are wanting to have a chat that will show at the bottom of the main forum here when folks are using it. (If at all possible and some seem to work well that way.) Add to that it must work well.


Again, feel free to forward to AK at any time. It is just that he will not be doing site construction for quite awhile until he gets work related issues cleaned up. AK has done huge amounts of work here, so we have told him that when he gets back at chat is totally up to him.


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