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Comical Furs

Mr Barguzin

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SO, I am sitting on my balcony last night ... trying to cool down. (Gotta love global warming and early summers *sigh*)


Anyways, I was off in a dream and suddenly I had this memory flash before my eyes of a comic I had read many years ago....


The two persons involved were locked up in a fur storage room... and the temperature was dropping so the man removed a fur coat from the rack and put it around the woman's shoulders and then did the same for himself. Ah, who says the age of chivalry is dead.


And in case you are wondering, the two characters were Lois Lane and Superman but in his guise as Clark Kent. So, last night I did a search of Lois Lane/Superman sites and THINK I know what Magazine it was... Lois Lane #37 (Danke amiche) .... but the cover doesn't hold any memories for me other than I remember seeing the cover... but does it have the right story.


If anyone could help me clear up this little problem I would be eternally greatful.


(Oh yeah, my mum decided I was too old to read comic books... so guess where it finished up *sigh*.... Just as well she didn't do that with the silver fox jacket *grin*)


Now, this also gives rise to a wider topic as well: Furs in Comics. I am certain that there were othercomics that featured furs within the stories... one Batmen and Robin story has them chasing down Fur Thieves. And I am sure that Veronica MUSt have worn fur occassionally. So... can you think of any other comic series/charaters/stories that featured the presence of Furs?

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Now there's a thought


The Black widow

Poison Ivy

and the black canary


all enjoying the proceeds of a fur robbery.


Why didn'y amyone ever come up with that story?

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Veronica still wears quite a few furs, especially in the digests. It's really the only reason I even look at them in the stores.


And Marvel readers will know that the White Queen from X-Men likes to wear fur capes.


But my favorite Marvel issue is X-Factor #53, where Jean Grey wears a white mink coat in every panel she's in.

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