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looking for an old pic


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im looking for an old webshots pic someone posted awhile ago. there were 4 pics in the album, and i have tracked down 3. they were all taken down from webshots

the pics were "angela modelling aunt nordie's fur" "i'm in love" "i totally cropped my ugly face out" and the one im missing is "the three of us playing dress up"

if anyone has this pic on their harddrive, would they be kind enough to upload it for me?

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Hi Flamingo - welcome to the Den! i hope you enjoy your time here. I don't know what photo(s) you're looking for, but the first place to start is to look through the "Album-Related Photos and Discussions" here. It's got 4 (I think) lists of webshots pics. You can search through them to your hearts content. You ought to register for access to our gallery. The photo just might show up there as well. As you can tell, there are a lot of areas of the Den to explore - we just hope you take the time to visit them all (even a new one coming online soon)!



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