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The Library opens...

White Fox

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Remember folks. When the Library opens.

#1. Look around the library first. This will give you a "Feel" for the place.

#2. Have a look at the instructions areas.

#3. Try a post or two in the Sandbox. After trying, press Save there to see the results. Remember what you write will disappear in 15 minutes.

#4. You can press "Edit" on most pages to see how they were typed out by the poster. This is a good way to learn how to post in Wiki.

#5. When you post something in wiki ALWAYS press preview to see how your message looks before you press SAVE.

#6. If you go to movies and press EDIT on a page, you will be able to see how to post there. It is probably a very good area to learn how to use wiki.

#7. If you make a mistake don't worry! Just let us know. We can restore the original. This is all part of this great area called the Library.


And above all

Remember this is your area! Have Fun!

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Ladies and Germs


you may have noticed that a new link has been added to the left hand sidebar (if you are using the default settings for The Fur Den).


It's title says it all really.... Wiki (Library)


Yes folks... it is HERE




If you are adventurous and don't use the default setting, it is listed just before the profile button *grin*


Now folks... a WORD OF WARNING:


Posting in Wiki is NOT the same nor as easy as posting here. It does require some effort to understand the basic rules, hence the practice page(s). Always preview your post, particularly if you are changing someone elses to ensure that you have just effected a change and not obliterated the post entirely. After the preview, and ensuring that all is as it should be... THEN save... and behold your efforts are rewarded.


Have fun... enjoy... practice and learn.... and make your own contributions.


(BTW, just to show that we all make mistakes... feel free to look the history of any page within the Library. It might amaze you just how often minor edits are made so that we (contributors to date) look smart, intelligent and computer literaate.)

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Wow, I for one never would have guessed...mistakes This is said VERY tongue in cheek btw. Thanks guys for all the effort in getting this area open!

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