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I don't know.. I think I'd rather rumble with a few knuckleheads from Hells Angels than face a lawsuit from the First Lady with her attourneys and pitless vaults of cash. Money = Power


Funny though

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This is America and people have the right to their opinions but I reserve my right to mine. To that end, I believe in every person's right to defend themself in the face of threat of harm.


Yell and cuss and swear at me all you want. Words don't hurt me.

But let me tell the world... If some zealot threatened me or my wife because she wears fur, they would be in for some SERIOUS trouble!


But I like the sentiment in that message: It's easier to attack women.


Why do people have to be like that? I'm not just talking about the PETA/animal rights people. Look at the E.L.F. and the "Anti-Civil Rights" people. (Euphemism for the Klan.) And those people who go around bombing clinics and killing doctors because they don't like abortion?


I said above that people have the right to their opinions. I am one who is known for having strong opinions and I don't hold them back. Yes, I have been known to scream and yell and cuss and swear at people. On occasion, I have been seen shaking my fist and stomping my feet beacuse I am passionate about my opinions.


But words don't hurt people! You will never see me hurt or threaten to hurt another person just because they have an opinion contrary to mine.


It really makes me feel bad when I think about people who do stuff like that! I wish they would all just disappear!


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