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How to use the Library

White Fox

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How do I use the Library?


(Please print out this page so you can use it as a reference when you first enter the new Library area.)


When you enter the Library for the first time it may seem confusing to those of you who have not seen it.


One thing that you will quickly notice is that you can now enter the Links, CoC, and Sponsors areas either from the normal links at the top of the Forums that you are used to or through the Library. With these areas now in Wiki format, we no longer have to rely on AK to type all of the messages there.


The first time you enter the Library, take your time to explore around a little bit. Look at the area in the side bar called 'Fur Library". If you click through the links, you can get to the different info there. Look at the post by Worker on Photography. It shows what some of you will be able to do after you have been here for awhile! Remember though that you do not need to make things look like that. Others who follow will probably do that for you! Look for other topics like "Fur Fetish", "Movies", and "Fighting Peta". Please do not make a lot of "Test Posts" until you read the instructions, and maybe try things in the area you see called "Sandbox"! It is extremely important that you use the instruction areas and sand box to learn how wiki works. Then, with just a few minutes of experimenting you will know how to make your first post. Please do not be afraid to try the area out once you try the sandbox. You will learn by using the Preview button. If you delete something by mistake, just let AK know where you were and he can restore things. The fascinating thing about the library is that posts can be returned to original for as long as 30 days! So don't be afraid. This is a learning experience for all of us. Indeed once you get used to wiki you will learn how to restore those messages yourself.


Once you have looked around a bit, have a look at the following areas. You will find them on the list to the side of the pages.

#1. First look at Misc Wiki Instructions. This gives you a little idea on how instructions work.

#2. Look at the "Intro to Wiki Instructions" post. This was by our member Poker Ace. It gives you more info on how to find the basic instructions that you need. This post is kind of like a "Wiki for Dummies" area.

#3. Click on the Do's and Don'ts of Wiki area.

#4. As noted in the areas above, Basic editing is where you find instructions to begin to post.

#5. Documentation is where you find ways to do more complicated things.

#6. Remember that no pictures are allow in the Library except on the pages by the links team, and by some sponsors.


We owe AKcoyote our site tech guy a huge amount here on this project. He not only did the work but he conceived the whole idea of it in the first place. Folks, believe it or not we are way ahead of everyone here with this area. There are very, very few forum sites on the net that have a wiki area as well. This is a whole new concept that we are trying, and we are so very excited about it! A True First indeed for the Fur Den and an almost new concept for the net. We are breaking new ground indeed with this one folks!. Not just for fur sites, but for the Net as a whole!


Being so new, this will indeed involve some experimentation to make it happen. It may require some changes for the first few months. But, with the Library we will make this the best darned "Fur Site" on the internet. And keep it there for a long, long time!



Folks, on Thursday, we will give you the new Library on the Fur Den! Just watch that day for a new link called "Library" posted at the top of the forums pages beside "Gallery", "Archive", etc. That day you will also see changes to Links and Sponsors areas as well when you click them. We truly hope you love this new area as much as we already do!



Edit by AKcoyote: corrected a couple of spelling errors.

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