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Chinchilla fur hat

Guest MissTheresa

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Okay, so the chinchilla fedora hat finally arrived today from Ebay seller American Furs in Montreal, Canada, after much anticipation... it is fantastic!!!


In case that wasn't clear enough... I LOVE THIS HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, I will take pics soon as I can, as I am taking in my sick pc to be worked on today and might not have internet for a few days. I can't work on anything or it crashes, so I'm afraid this will be a bit of a tease and a little wait till I can get them taken, worked on and up for you all to see. But it rocks!


Thanks so much to my friend/partner/servant, he knows who he is here, for the furry gift that was so well timed with its arrival this morning!!! 8) It is a wonderful pick me up!!!

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