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Guardian newspaper article


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For those of us in the UK, the Guardian ran an article on fur and its role in the UK.




I hope the URL works. What worries me is they keep quoting PETA, but I wonder if we should be writing a letter to the editor about PETA's other activities - such as the animal euthanasia. I feel it is hypocritical to use an organisations quotes without someone exposing the 'other' issues. I feel inclined to put pen to paper but opinions??????



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Well i suppose it depends on which side of the fence you sit. It is the same for all issues; it really p*sses me off when every one quotes the anti-smoking's 'statistics' about 'passive' smoking.

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The article doesn't really tell anyone (especially us) anything new and newspapers often seem to regurgitate the same fur articles every few months whether anti-fur (usually in the Guardian and Independent) or pro-fur (usually in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Telegraph).


Interesting to see her views on promoting her anti-fur views on her friends - clearly it has no effect on Kate Moss.



Mr Mockle

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The only wat to defeat PETa is to let editors know waht they are about.

Write to the edotor. Don't forget PETA are massive advertisers and that is what it is really about. BUT we must not let them get away with it. Email, write a letter for publication, direct to the editor, post comments etc.

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