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It's almost here folks. A whole new area.

White Fox

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Well Folks. The time is here to open another new area of the Fur Den.. Before I begin though I must stress one thing. If you are the type of person who digs in without reading instructions, you need to go carefully this time. You can very easily get yourself into huge, huge trouble by deleting posts by other members by mistake! So please, read the instruction areas first and then experiment in the areas provided to do this!

We mentioned when the Den came on that it was far from complete yet. The first step was to then bring on the old Messages from the Melody site. However, we were still missing the area that everyone was looking for. That was Pictures. The Gallery soon opened, and we now have 4,000 high quality photos there and counting. But even then, the Den was a great deal like a couple of other fur sites on the net. Now that is going to change.


This is the area that will make us different. How many times have you ever looked at a post in the Den and thought "Gee it would be nice to keep this where we can easily find it! But it will soon be buried under thousands of messages where no one will see it again." Folks, this is to tell you that the new Library will soon be open.


The Library will be huge in the future. As of yet, the walls are still rather bare, but it is up to you as members to fill them. There is already info there though that you have not seen before! This is your area! Now then, as in any Library no talking is allowed. That is, all discussion will be done still in the Forums. None will be allowed under any circumstances in the Library. You can certainly add info on a topic or start other topics within the site rules though, or even in most cases edit info by others. The Library is a storage area for your favorite messages, and a place where you can add information to them. A place where you can go to find the name of that fur movie that you love, or to read that old message thread that has always intrigued you. A place where you can go to find information to do a fur shoot with models, or maybe even find out where to spend your winter vacation to see furs.


The main thing here to remember though is that this is your area to store the info you want. It is possible that mods might store something they think should be there, but we want to keep this limited. This must be YOUR area as members. Also, we want to stress that we realize some members will post a fair bit while others will maybe only correct info or spelling mistakes. That is just what we want! Each to participate as you wish.


In the following days there will be more info on this upcoming area posted. So, keep a close watch. We are almost ready to roll.


White Fox

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