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The very lovely LILY DONALDSON in furs

Guest touchofsable

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This one is especially dedicated to Miss theresa and Tiffany Fox who will really appreciate all the shoots methinks. BUT you are going to have to come to the smoking lounge of ye Olde Denne Pub for most of them!!!


Here is a sample:








I have been waiting for them to get round to doing L for Lily and hoped some of these would be there. Very special for connoisseurs of couture photography, furs and smoking. Vive la resistance! Vive Liberte! Is that about 40 plus smoking models in furs? Good job there are some arbiters of taste left...well done the photographers, girls and designers and magazines. Lets enjoy them before the fascists take it all away.


AND WELL DONE HERFAMEDGOODLOOKS ...the best fashion.model/photographic shoot resource by far on the web.

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