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Schumacher Furs

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Went down to Portland to get my Linux fixed Thursday. Uncle Bill rules Puget Sound and not a competent Linux Tech to be found.


While down there kicking around waiting for my fix I wandered into Schmacher's. I haven't been in a Furrier since I was a young guy and got my mom a pair of Minks to hang over her shoulders for a Christmas present. They were a $99 in 1950.


They have a very nice all glass corner store front right near Nordstroms downtown. I love downtown Portland. It's so active and vital.


WOW!!!!! Fantastic furs!!


What caught my attention was a black Mink in the window that looked for all the world like a FAKE? In a high end Furrrier's establishment? It just seemed too perfect. It was real of course.


What really surprised me is just how uniform the minks in particullar look. Not the longer hair that I'm use to seeing and like. They are super lightweight as Linda has describe here before.


What inititally attracted me even before the dark mink was an incredibly "perfect' Fitch right in the corner window. It was beautiful and lightweight too but I'm not sure that level of perfection is very appealing to me. I thought about that on my way back and decided I like the fuller furs, including minks.


i saw a whole row of men's reversable Mink/Leather jackets. They were all black or very dark brown. The young sales girl was crushed that I didn't like black. I hate black. It's what started me on this jacket thing in the first place. I have one up for sale on eBay right now that I got off eBay a while back. Arms are too short anyway for me [see market place].


I was wearing my Bobcat/Lynx lined Buckskin jacket and they thought it was very nice. Not spanky new like the ones on the rack but it isn't black!! It has a dark brown sheared Beaver Mandarin collar. I wear it all the time since it is so super comfortable and has become my "work" jacket.


They were so very nice and I'm going back down again soon and wear my Fitch lined Lambskin Jacket for comparison to the Fitch in the window. I really like my Fitch lining. its very soft and silky with much longer hair than the one in the store. It's $12,000 but they offered it 50% off. The Mink Jackets too.


The Lynx they have there is fantastic and made me appreciate what I have even more than I already did. Can't wait to get my hooded Timberland jacket Lynx lined now.


Looking forward to my next trip to Portland and I'll check out the few in the Seattle area over the next few weeks. several don't give their address? Just a phone no.



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The best I can where I live is a couple stores, in my mall, that sell furs in the winter.


BTW, where can I find your avatar, OFF?

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Glad you had a chance to check out Schumacher Furs. Shelley and I have been in there a couple of times. We thought prices were a bit high, store was very nice though. We were at Nicholas Unger Furs Saturday paying for storage on a couple of coats and picking up Shelley's new Sheared Nutria coat. We prefur Nicholas Unger for all our furs. The owner does a great job on all the items we've had done by them and the prices have been much better than Schumacher Furs. We have had 4 coats made, two coats restyled, one purse made, three tibetan Lamb pillows and one nice blanket made by them. If you come to Portland again check out Nicholas Unger Furs you won't be disappointed.

I do give Schumacher Furs a round of applause for the commercials they have been running since Thanksgiving. Very nice ones:)


Kevin and Shelley

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Shelly & Kevin;


Funny you mention Unger Furs. I am planning on going there next time I'm down for another computer fix.


Next fur trip though is up to Vancouver, BC to get my other two jackets from Ace of Suedes. A Fur Seal lined Bananna Republic leather jacket and a reversable grey pigskin suede Bill Blass and gray sheared Beaver jacket.



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