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Gallery Picture references

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Something just happened that brought to mind a lengthy series of Mod and Admin posts over indexing and making references to a specific picture in the Gallery.


I asked "What is the file number?"


I was given some numbers that didn't really mean anything since the relative picture locations shift each time a new picture isloaded. This is exactly the scenario we talked about in setting up the Gallery.


The only way to find a specific picture relably is to refer to the FILE NAME!!!!


For instance: F26866ca.jpg or 0906047.jpg or 5027_3569_l.jpg or 270005484953_dd_3.jpg. These are all specific pictures in the Gallery.


You can go to Search and find each of those specific pictures relably and for certain and without ambeguity. In fact it's the only way you can reliably and for certain.


Back when I brought this subject up in the formation of the Gallery I just knew in my bones I'd be writing this post. This information should be at least a Sticky for now and should be in the General FAQ list of quesions.





Edited by AKcoyote to correct a term.

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it is a nice shot...I like the coat back and the line , down to the waist where the gloved hand is on the hip. Nice curve.


I remember one Vogue or similar mag saying in the eighties that to wear these power coats you had to do that every ten minutes for maximum movement, drama and effect and of course to show your figure, and never to have both arms stiff at your side.

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