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Can anyone here estimate the age of this coat?


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I'm seriously considering buying this mink for my wife as a Christmas present,



I've been caught out a bit on ebay and bought a particularly old mink that was very 'spiky'. Any opinions on this one? It's got a white Saga label that looks different from the one in my wife's blue fox (purchased in the mid 90's)


The seller also has a Blackglama with a serial number for sale, looks awesome. But the shoulder pads look too bulky and it'll probably go out of my 800 euro range,,

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Maybe the late '80's to early '90's?


It looks to be in excellent shape.


Get the seller to eMail you larger pictures for a better view.


Nice model too.





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Like most others - it's a very nice mink, but I have no idea of age.


Question for our experts - Can you track down the year of manufacture of any Blackgama mink through the coat's individual serial number?



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