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first fur of the season


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i saw the first fur of the season this weekend!


ok, so it was on my girlfriend, but that still counts. she wore her ranch mink jacket all day when we went to the mall on sunday. the twin cities had high's in the 60's and lows in the low fifties/high forties. so it was perfect for a nice light mink jacket. she got a couple of nice compliments and looked great!!


she actually wore it the first time on saturday night when i met her after work. i surprised her by bringing the jacket to her. it made us both happy. today she said she even wished she wore it to work.


it's going to be a great fur season!


make sure to report when you see your first fur!!

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I saw my first fur last weekend at Victoria Station, London. It was only a mink tippet but was one of two women dressed in 40s skirt suits and accessories probly going to or coming back from a themed party. Quite a sight but it'll be a few weeks - and a few more degrees colder - before any fur jackets or coats come out here I would think.



Mr Mockle

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ciao amici,


your girlfriend sounds like a furlover of the highest order. good taste, man...


my first fur was, if you can believe it, on august 18 in amsterdam: fluffy white rabbit jacket around the shoulders of a gorgeous brunette girl in her early 20s. i went out clubbing with my friends, and ended up at a late-night indonesian restaurant called bojo (anyone been there?). the place was across the street from a mediocre dance club called 'the cool down cafe'. at about 3 am, stumbling out of the club was a troupe of girls speaking english...all toting some sort of fur! amsterdam was in the low 50s fahrenheit that night...i hope we'll see that sort of weather down at our latitude sometime this month.





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