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fur toys


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What kind of fur sex toys are there?

Post some links to Ebay listings, URL's to other websites , photos etc.

I think it would be interesting...

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I can't find any listings as of now, but I can certainly name a few; Fur massage mittens, fur bikinis, fur dildos (yea they do exist ), fur willy warmer and I've also seen many different variations of fur pocket-vaginas. Some of our members invented a few of the styles for the latter themselves.


I'll link you up if I find any!

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That would be great, thanx!

I want to see if there is anything I could reproduce.

Always keeping an open mind when it comes to business! 8)

you think something like that would work?

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There is a sex toy/video store in the area where I grew up (couple hours from here) that stocks most of the "touchoffur" toys. The even better news though is that the most of the items have price tags less than the "tof" website and get this, everything in the store is reduced another 25% at the register. Last fall I bought three of the toys(little paddle with the big fluff of fox on one side, 9-tailed flogger with mink tips, and the leather flogger with rabbit strips on the outside) and there are two or three more I'd like to get...only problem is that I need to find a playmate to enjoy them with . "Tof" items appear to be really sturdy and well-made.). They can be lots of fun and tantalizing without being rough your partner.



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