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ultimate fetishes

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Found this site.


Vey nice shoot:




and go to her site from the banner beneath.

May be worth someone joining to check her out.


If you go to DEC 2004 on her shoot index at her site, then you scroll down to 28 dec no 886 she is playing around in the snow in a nice mink for example.


the original site is rather nice and much better than S/C, and hopefully they will expand the fur . But all the shoots are very classy. If you go to femdom for example there is Lady B and if you click on some awesome stilleto and femdom/smoking shots of her.


Take a look at Lady Ramirez at the femdom bit too. Wow I hope to see her in fur sometime!


Nice site; top class with a very generous helping of freebies that would make me join if I knew there was more fur.


There is one more fur one in the MILF section.


Haven'y had time to checl all the galleries and am going to bed now .



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