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Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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The think is some of the best pics do not get looked at cos almost everyone already has them Hence Jaon Collins in The Birhc has few views...yet it is a classiv that most of us already have.


the other factor is sometimes you look cos you can't quite see what is going on from the thumbnail.



Who is the blonde in crystal fox you posted I want to know....she ain't no ebay girl.

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3- Cleaned up, fixed up. Just like selling a house, you get more. Even an elementary ability with Photo Shop or GIMP will work wonders on pictures that may seem past the pale. Not many of us are as good as Tweety. Even then some fur pictures are just irresistible despite their poor condition. Post it anyway. Somebody else may pick it up and fix it.


If I can add one thing: If you scan images from magazines or printed pages, use the "Descreen" option in your scanner driver.


>> EXAMPLE 1: Scanned Picture -- No Descreen <<


>> EXAMPLE 2: Scanned Picture -- Descreened <<


As you can see, descreening takes out the "grain" from the image.


I'm sorry if I sound like I'm knocking anybody but my job has a lot to do with making images look good. I get antsy when I see pictures that could have been better if only one option was clicked when they are scanned.

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Not at all worker.


Scanner is my next objectixe and your points are well taken.


I have a box full of images that I haven't seen out there an some I have need 'fresh' scans for the very reasons you critisize.


We do want this to be the best Fur Picture Gallery on the Internet.





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