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'Strip' vid


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here's a semi poor quality video of a lady playin' around in pink fur. No bared parts. Not sure it's real fur.

I think it's pretty kinky. I like it.

Search on Google Video for: "Hot Milf Strips For The Webcam".



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Fur's not real. The girl is okay. Her act is more like a spoof than a real striptease. But, even if you view it as comedy, which I HOPE is what she was going for, it's only interesting for about 90 seconds. Five minutes is WAY too long.


So, tell me something... Why are people using YouTube & Google for their videos when the quality is so God-awful low??

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looks like maribou to me , its nice that the lady is in touch

with herself.... if she reacts that way to Maribou, it would be nice

to see what happens if she slid into a full length Fox....

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I think it's synthetic. It's got metalic shimmers in it.


True, it MIGHT be maribou with shimmers woven in but the color is too uniform, even for maribou. Most natural materials have a little variation in dye color but, since synthetics aren't dyed they are very uniform in color.


O.F.F. I am very patient with bad art. I have seen MUCH worse. Ask me, someday, about the magician I worked with who tried to do a "Flash Apperance" but his flash pot misfired... Probably the worst gig I ever worked.


But, you're right... Maybe 30 seconds, TOPS.


Maybe if the "fur" was real, I'd have more patience.

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