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Important! Remember to keep Melody!

White Fox

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Please remember to keep your link to Melody site folks. Before too long there will be a forum there similar to the emergency site for Melody you see below. If the New Den should ever go down then all you need to do is to simply go there and look at that site. AK will likely post something there immediately as to what the probelm is and how long it will take to fix. If it will take awhile members will indeed be able to post on that site.

The sites will not be locked but please remember that these are emergency sites. You can register using them, but regular posts will be removed instantly.

I suggest that for now you keep a bookmark to the Melody Forum Index. Then, when the emergency forum comes up you can bookmark that instead if you wish. You will not have to go through a long deal to register again like you do with most sites when you have not posted for a month. Just go there and the site will be ready and waiting.


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