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Yearly desire


Is this coat 'http://www.purpleshoshana.com/prodimg_lrg/BlueFox268FS2_lrg.jpg' the most desired coat of 2006  

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  1. 1. Is this coat 'http://www.purpleshoshana.com/prodimg_lrg/BlueFox268FS2_lrg.jpg' the most desired coat of 2006

    • Yes
    • No

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I also think that is great but not the most desire coat of the 2006 year. For me the best fur of the year must be long fox coat. the fur from the picture is too short - collar is great but the rest is not so beautiful

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Given the diverse desires of those of us here, and the sheer number of coats to be found out there, I doubt that at any time you'll get more than a "piece of the pie" of the vote for any one fur.


Everyone has their favorites, after all.


The coat in the link isn't what really turns my motor, though it's nice.

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Sorry Auz, but I had to vote 'no' as well. Strange that since bluefox is my fav fur, but the way I see it, that is the coat (and cape) that opens up a world of possibilities. An extra 14 inches in length would help, but the thing about it all is the combination of both coat and cape. I want to add another dozen or so inches to its length as well..... and then... and then.........


And to top it off, have it lined with either fisher or sable.... Now THAT is a coat of the year, maybe millenium.

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Less than a day old, and diversity is the rule. Oh well, at least we all have a common appreciation, but its many guises and forms individualises the be-witchment.

Still, interesting to see the final total in a few days.......

And yes, a few more feet on the end would be better.....



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I have seen a very nice blue fox on ebay at the moment that isn't much money. So you guys carry on slobbering over this one and hands off the one I will be bidding on eh?

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