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Dear furlovers,


A friend of mine wrote to me that she saw a program on television about people in a coma. They have now a kind of therapie that they massage these people in coma with fur. This seems to activate all there still working and responding senses. I never heard about it but I can completely understand that this might work. Anyway it seems to be a very succesfull method to retrieve people who lay in Coma.

Anyone seen the programme, propably on dutch television or heard about this therapy.

What is the therapy called.

How does it technally ecsactly work.

I am really curious if there are people who know more about this therapy.


With kind regards Pieter.

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Sounds reasonable to me!


Even if it doesn't help it can't hurt! Right?!

I think I'm going to put that in my "Living Will"!



Okay! Enough kidding...


A quick Google search reveals several articles on the subject:


>> Google: "Coma Stimulation Therapy Fur" <<


None of them explicity mention that fur is the main stimulant but one does list it among others:


>> UNL.edu <<


In just about all cases, stimulation therapy is listed as "Experimental" at best but when something so simple as this has the potential of saving somebody's life there's no reason not to try it. (Within reasonable limits.)

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Gently rub your hand over the hairs on your arm. It is intense. Then rub it more firmly. Not the same.


The nervous sysyem sems to have a level at which it is extremely sensitive to very slight stimulation producing an intence reaction. Yry the same running your tongue gently over the top of your upper lip. Incredibly tickly. Now do the same with a firmer pass...not the same.


If you whip a horse, you may have to do it a few times before he responds. However he can buck tound the field if a fly lands on him on a sensitive area.


If I am asleep I always wake up with a start if I feel an insect on me...but my girlf sometimes can't wake me wehn I am keeping her awake snoring...even if she slaps me!


There is something about this that is primal...searching with sensory adaptations in primal mud for food), grooming rituals, whiffling, parasite alerts,naturally sexual stimulation, etc etc.


A tickle is always much more intense to the nervous system than a rub. So it would figure that fur..especially mink or something...could produce little intense jolts . So it could work.

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Dear touchofsable,


I believe you could be right about those primal instincts. Funny that senses we got from miljons of years ago still have some functions in our body. I know that we have fear for snakes even you and me who live in Holland and uk where no real dangerous snakes live.

Some of us also have sometimes a shock through our body just on the edge of falling asleep. Some scientists say that they are primal reactions from the time that we were a ape kind of person and did sleep in trees. Snakes were dangerous for us and loosing our balans. So a little disbalans in our sleep gave us a shock so we would wake up and not fall down.

I totally believe in it and in your theory, though some poeple might think it is farfedged.

Thanks for the reaction.

P.s. Thank god we used to live in the mud a long time ago, gives a nice demention to our lives now.


Kind regards Pieter

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