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alexis foxlover

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Hi my fellow fur-lovers


My first post here. I think I've found some links to some sumptuous fur vids - hope they work! Has everyone seen the 2006 collection from fblginc? Am looking for some help - someone explained how to access the large versions of the photos but this now only seems to work for 2002 - have fblg cottoned on to us or am I just being thick? If someone can access them can they post a link to one so I can follow suit?


Many thanks
































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Alexis Foxlover, When i click on your links they are automatically played on Windows Media Player and i can save them to a playlist.


PS thank you very much for the links - love the foxes!

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I'm a big fan of FBLG but forgot the trick.


I'm sure someone remembers. It was a simple code line redo.


I just loaded somemore of my FBLG pictures in the Gallery.


Totem Movie Player and Gxine Movie Player do well for me in Linux and they're certainly worth filing for future viewing.


A very nice find.




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I noticed it last week, when they posted the 2006-07 collection of pic. Was looking forward to super huge fur pics and got nothing but the little pink square.


If anyone can find a work around, please let us know.

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I got all the (IMO) good pics before they changed it. I guess I'll have to upload them to the gallery? Is there a filesize limit? Some of these suckers are 3+ MB

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I don't remember if there is a size limit - I'm sure that Off can fill you in on that.


When uploading pics that are that big (even over .75MB), it's a BIG help to add a disclaimer like "very large file". That'll tip off those who do not have a high speed connection that the file will take some time to download.


You might even be able to resize the pics, but that's not something I know how to do well at all...



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FLinFL and Lucifur;


Please load them up. With the ones I loaded this weekend I could only get about four at a time. They are turly large files ... 2 to 3 MB with some. I didn't shrink any so all can get the maximum from them.


They're so magnificent in the incredible detail it's possible to see. Looking at them as I posted is what prompted me to put up the post "What if??".


The only thing better than these pictures is the real thing.




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Well, I tried uploading some of them, but it kept timing out...


I know it's not the same as the really huge pics, but sfurenkov found a way to get the medium sized photos, if you're so inclined: http://members.boardhost.com/mikhailk/msg/1156557248.html


Example: http://www.fblginc.com/asp/photo_2006/Large_z/7162_4695_l_800.jpg


(basically, the same trick as before, but with a different URL)


If someone else who has better luck with uploading to the gallery is interested, I'll zip the 57 huge pics I have, and upload it to my webspace. PM me if you're willing to do this.

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Doesn't 4096 KB = 4.0 MB? Wouldn't a 1 MB limit = 1024 KB?


No matter, really... Just being nit-picky.


But, if you wanted to get those pics under the wire, I say go ahead and shrink them. If compression is at its lowest, go ahead and add a couple notches of compression. If compression is already used, just shrink the pixel dimensions a little bit, keeping the same compression.


Unless you're outputting for print or HQ display, there's no reason to have a 300 dpi image with zero compression if all you're going to do is display it to a standard screen. You're screen is (usually) only 72 or 96 dpi. 144 or 192 dpi should be PLENTY for screen display.

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I imagine others have noticed this, but for any FBLG photos that have a video associated with them, the video can be accessed using the same approach as that shown in the first post in this thread. For instance if you want the video associated with picture 7000 in the 2006-2007 collection use:




You can tell what 4 digit photo numbers are potentially viable by checking on:




This doesnt indicate if the photo has a video associated with it or not though. I used trial and error. I found that over half the photos in the 2006-2007 collection had videos. This also works for collections from earlier years, though less of the photos have associated videos. For example:




I later realized that you can determine what photos have an associated video by going to: http://www.furcenter.com/shop.asp.


Someone noted you could save these to a playlist in Windows Media Player. I however used a program called GetASFStream to convert the streaming video into wmv files. The videos are fairly small, but still they are well worth checking out. There are literally hundreds of them.

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