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french pulp fiction

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These books will have you in awe.


They are kids comic books; and are hugely popular.

The way the women are drawn is fabulous, and I love them because there is FUR in so many of them.


they are expensive. But the kids buy them like they are going out of fashion.


They will be offensive to many if you found your kids with them...but the French don't seem to mind.


Two series in particular stand our with a fur interest.


"X111" by W Vance and J. Van Hamme.


The sex , smoking, fur and kick ass heroines are astounding. Jaw dropping

when you think that these are for kids.


No wonder French girls grow up with a great attitude...they are incredible role models. I am sure Tony Balir would faint if he knew such things existed.


I am looking at one now. Awesome. A must for fur fetishists collections some of them!


Then there is Vance Greg's "Bruno Brazil".


One of them has a blonde chick on the front firing a gun in a leopard fur coat. The other has a fox trimmed shearling on the front.


They are SO unbelievably politically incorrect they are a breath of fresh air.


These women are only drawings but icons of sex appeal....and so much fur, smoking, sex and violence etc it is unreal. All the guys look like Jean Paul Belmondo too. F****** A ! Guys in suits with style and smoking and a lady killing attitude too.


And here in Britain they are on about banning Tom and Jerry!!!!


I think they have been going for years. They keep republishing. They may have even been American originally...I am not sure. But they are an intrinsic part of French culture.

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Well there is some good news and some bad news. Firstly these books are being translated and you will be able to buy them in the US and UK.

The bad news is they will be censored, so no sex or smoking;and if the Amazon ad for Les Yeux sans Visage , in the Bruno brazil series is anything to go by...it will be bad news for us. They have censored the image on the front it appears with the fur. BUY FRENCH...not fascist censored crap.


This is what it should look like;


www.bulledair.com/index.php?rubrique=al ... no_brazil3


and here is another one;

www.bulledair.com/index.php?rubrique=al ... o_brazil11



Check out the unofficial Mystere XIII pages:

www.bdxiii.com/pages/downloads/images.html WOW!!!!




In "Secret defense" Kim Rowland has her t**s out on the bed smoking a cigarette in a fur trimmed open plunged dress. There is a Russian chick in one of the books too with fur, and one has some stunning paintings in a gallery with furs. She is the sexy one on the right with the thigh boots.


The there is LARGO WINCH aswell which has fur in it ; not much on the net but to give you a flavour of the women:



www.largowinch.com/fr/bd/femmes4_1.html I like La Barone..she wears furs and smokes.


Then there is Niklos Koda:




scroll to the bottom for a fur one and click on.




I think Jessica Blandy has fur in it.


So does I.R.$. by Desberg

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