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How do I clean high quality faux fur


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I wasn't sure where else to ask.


I have a lot of it, both long and short pile. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to restore it back to its orignal condition after general use. I'm not talking about heavily soiled kind of thing. It was just used as a blanket, to wrap up in during the nights.


Any help would be greatfull


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Many of the older ones you had to clean using the fur method. That is take it to a furrier to be done. They are indeed used to doing it.

However, I do understand that some of the new ones can be actually washed. In short it is pretty much a matter of looking at instructions.

I guess if you don't have instructions I would lean to taking it to a furrier to have it done.


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Heh given how much I have, I might get a bit smoothered or something.

I have toyed with the idea a few times. A friend of mine meantioned just rinsing it out with cold to luke warm water and letting it airdry will help.

I'd like to do a small test but I haven't any smaller peices to do it with.


Take a shower with it on?


One of the SC models did that.



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Have a few good times with it for old times sake, and like a discarded girlfriend remind her what shes missing,treat her rough, then buy a lovely real fox one. She will keep herself looking good for a good 50 years as long as you respect her.

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